An Anime Series Review: Kaze No Stigma (2007)

Kaze No Stigma anime

Director: Junichi Sakata

Anime Planet Overview: Years after having been exiled from the Kannagi household for being unable to utilize their fire magic, Kazuma returns to Japan, only to discover that the Kannagi family’s very existence is threatened. Unknown to them, during his absence, he had become a Contractor and thus acquired a vast strength in wind magic. Not showing any remaining contempt for them, he offers to help solve the Kannagi household’s problems in return for large sums of money. Together with his younger brother Ren and the feisty heir to the Kannagi household, Ayano, he fights to protect those he cares about… for a price!



A  Kaze No Stigma Review

Kaze No Stigma Episode Count: 24 episodes

Kaze No Stigma- all characters central

Tsui-Ling (Top right), Kazuma (Top middle), Ren (Bottom left), Kirika (Far left) and Ayano (Bottom right) 

Kaze No Stigma- Ayano and Kazuma
Kaze No Stigma, Ayano and Kazuma (Left to Right)

In this anime Kazuma Kannagi is out for revenge! Due to past events, he lost his lover and when he did he pledged his allegiance to gain power. Kazuma was originally a son of the Kannagi family of who had strong powers connected to “Enjutsu (wielding fire magic) but which he was lacking in. His family wanted him to manifest the Enraiha or  Blaze Lightning Supremacy sword but couldn’t so he was shunned. This flame has the strangest power. Most manifest the fire power but only a few. Kazuma didn’t manifest your average at all. So he was completely helpless when his lover was in danger. Now after he’s amassed power he’s seeking the person responsible for her death. Just as he’s sitting in motion and planning to avenge Tsui-Ling, he encounters Ayano Kannagi who is a distant family relative. Though despises him at first she also seems to slowly get along with him when realizing there is more to than everyone sees. And it becomes obvious she has romantic feelings toward him as well. Although her family wants to get them together for social status while she doesn’t want to have any of that.  Ayano is definitely a willful person and the carrier of the Enraiha. So some heavy arguments ensue where we further encounter connections between various mages who wield magic from fire, earth, and wind.


Kaze No Stigma-Stigma of the Wind
Kaze No Stigma, Kazuma’s Eyes turn Azure blue (referred to as The Stigma of the Wind) when he uses his wind powers

The ending for Kaze No Stigma was one that didn’t capture a whole resolution but rather closure. It’s obvious Kazuma carries a lot of hate and guilt over Tsui-Ling’s death, so with the ending of the anime he gets some peace. Kaze No Stigma is much more invested in its characters though than its plot development.Throughout the anime it seems fights break out against various opponents which are entertaining to see. If just for their quirky personalities and rather than to pursueand find answers to the perpetrator of Tsui-Ling’s (Kazuma’s lover) demise.

Your sure to get moments of being a real baddass from Kazuma against his enemies and displaying his unique wind stigma or “Fūjutsu” (using the wind) which he obtained from The Wind Spirit King after feeling for a time he had to gain his own power after his family saw him as useless.

If you enjoy power displays ,then you will enjoy watching Kaze No Stigma. The animation is very colorful and bright and found not entirely unique in any particular way except a little. In terms of anime animation it’s just a bit expected but the actual characters are of course one-of-a-kind. The animation is just alright. It doesn’t really jump out as being particularly special like Blood +, Bleach, Gilgamesh, Code Geas: Lelouch of the Rebellion , and or say Speed Grapher

Almost entirely a watch if you love anime to that of Bleach and or Code Geass.

Yes, meaning power plays where the main characters triumph over their enemies quite gloriously. For me it was quite intriguing throughout since Bleach is one of my favorite animes.

Genre: Action/AdventureComedyDramaFantasyRomance

Contains: Dark sideDeveloping Powers

Anime Soundtrack Side-note: The Opening Theme song is Blast of Wind” by Saori Kiuji and fits perfectly to the anime.

The Ending Theme songs of which there are two but only one Op  are Hitorikiri no Sora” by Saori Kiuji and the second ending theme is “Matataki no Kiwoku by Ayumi Fujimura which found not too awful but not fantastic. The Opening in my opinion is so much better but to each his own.


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