Diabolik Lovers Episode 3 Fall 2013 Anime Review

Shu about to bite Yui again-Diabolik Lovers Episode 3

Despite how indifferent Shu turns out toward Yui ‘his hotness’ cannot be denied.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 3

With this Episode made up my mind that the 15 min. mark for the Diabolik Lovers does cover enough ground and it is not terrible pacing as some may have you believe. We get story progression and then the characters are left to some unknown fate in a future episode.
Dinner-Diabolik Lovers Episode 3
While last episode Ayato obviously figured he now owned Yui and therefore drinking her sweet blood. In this episode he learns otherwise.
 Shu and Yui in bathroom-Diabolik Lovers Episode 3
Shu is one of the quieter brothers and the one that least attacks Yui. Yui believes that she may be safest with him. Oh, man, I thought he might be different too compared to you know his crazy psycho brothers. Yui is wrong. He is a vampire just as much as his other brothers (or so he says). Even as Yui extends a helping hand to Shu he decides to bite her. Like Ayato he deems Yui’s blood of the finest quality.
Yui soon returns to Ayato bitten by Shu now and Ayato being the possessive freak that he is totally freaks out. Ayato picking a fight with Shu over Yui decides to play a game to see who wins Yui in an attempt to own her. Shu wins! Still not sure if this is a good or bad thing but still prefer Shu to Ayato.
Shu and Ayato fight for Yui-Diabolik Lovers Episode 3
* Last Episode Review until Episode 12, everyone. Still this anime series have a feeling is going to be the most remarkable in the Fall 2013 Anime Season. Do not miss out on watching!*


Diabolik Lovers (12 episodes)
Diabolik Lovers
Komori Yui is a positive-thinking girl who is sent by her father to live at the Sagamaki mansion. Yui ends up living with the six sadistic Sagamaki vampire brothers.
Anime Produced ZEXCS

The Characters

Daisuke Hirakawa –Reito Sagamaki
Hikaru Midorikawa –Ayato Sagamaki
Katsuyuki Konishi –Reiji Sagamaki
Kousuke Toriumi Shū Sagamaki
Rie Suegara Yui Komori
Takashi Kondo Subaru Sagamaki
Yuki Kaji Kanato Sagamaki

Opening Theme Song


Mr. Sadistic Night” by Hikaru Midorikawa and Kousuke Toriumi

Pretty chilling and fits perfectly to the dark and macabre feel of Diabolical Lovers. Quite beautiful too.

Ending Theme Song