Strike the Blood Episode 3 Fall 2013 Anime Review

Strike the Blood Episode 3- Kojou asks Asagi for help

Asagi does indeed like Kojou enough to get at classified information

Kojou goes to Asagi for help on tracking down Combat Deacon Rudolf Eustach and his homunculus girl Astarte after they escape.

Strike the Blood Episode 3- Astarte
Astarte kind of reminds one of Darker Than Black characters
Final anime episodic review for Strike the Blood until Episode 13!

Asagi is easy to tell has feeling for Kojou which could bring conflict in the future with Kojou and Himeragi.

Asagi proves quite helpful Kojou and Himeragi are overpowered again in a most disastrous way.

Strike the Blood will definitely be an anime with major fighting actions scenes and romance. The moments between  Kojou and Himeragi. The animation so far holds to having good quality specifically the action scenes and or supernatural. What can’t get over is the character designs for Himeragi and Kojou. They are very unique and cool-looking.

Strike the Blood Episode 3- Himeragi bloodiedHimeragi gets really bloody in this episode

Recently actually discovered through online anime forums that the Opening Theme Song for Strike the Blood is done by the same musical group that did the Opening Theme Song for Highschool of the Dead anime series. A very cool and edgy song! Another great little detail that only brings good memories and makes me favor Strike the Blood considering Highschool of the Dead brings good times to mind.

Strike the Blood for one of the better anime this Fall 2013. Check. Again Crunchyroll is streaming Strike the Blood Fridays at 2 pm (North America) if interested on catching up with it.

Strike the Blood ( 24 episodes)
Strike the Blood 2013 anime series
Director: Hideyo Yamamoto
The Fourth Primogenitor—That’s the world’s strongest vampire that should only exist in legends. Accompanied by twelve Kenjuu and spreading calamity, this phantom vampire appeared in Japan. For the observation and obliteration of this Fourth Primogenitor, the government and Lion King decided to dispatch an attack mage known as a Sword Shaman. However, for some reason, the one chosen for the observation was a apprentice Sword Shaman girl, Himegari Yukina. Wielding the strongest anti-primogenitor spirit spear, Yukina arrived at Demon District, Itogami City. What is the true identity of the Fourth Primogenitor, Akatsuki Kojou, she encountered over there!? (

The Characters

Risa Taneda Yukina Himeragi
Yoshimasa Hosoya Kojō Akatsuki
Asami Seto Asagi Aiba
Hisako Kanemoto Natsuki Minamiya
Kaori Ishihara Avrora Florestina
Rina Hidaka Nagisa Akatsuki
Ryota OhsakaMotoki Yaze
Yuka Iguchi Astarte

Opening Theme Song
Strike The Blood” by Kisida Kyodan & The Akebosi Rockets’

Strike the Blood- Opening Theme Song

“Gotta say the Opening Theme Song is very cool and reminds me of High School of the Dead’s Opening Theme Song even though prefer Strike the Blood better since it is less bloody”
Ending Theme Song
Strike My Soul” by Rainbow Heart | Rainbow Dream
Strike the Blood Ending Theme Song
“The song is just perfect for Strike the Blood and the animation sequence is pretty well put together”