Tokyo Ravens Episode 2-3 Fall 2013 Anime Review


Tokyo Ravens Episode 2- Natsume as Yakou

Natsume as Yakou.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 2

Final episodic reviews until Episode 12!

Harutora is in big trouble with Hokuto. Hokuto doesn’t return his calls after seeing him kissing another girl mainly Suzuka Dairenji. Who happens to be a crazy mage. Strangely enough Natsume won’t answer his calls either.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 2- Natsume-Harutora

Natsume does respond but she still must protect the Tsuchimikado family altar. Harutora worries over Natsume so he decides to do it but Natsume is hurt by Suzuka stealing her spiritual powers. Harutora hopes to help by observing suzaka and discovering her intentions only to get Hokuto involved.

Harutora receives a major loss in this episode. Still he hopes to become an onmyo mage by becoming Natsume’s familiar. Harutora’s spiritual powers awakening is one of the better scenes. The moment is so beautiful and full of wonder. The animation is just wonderful.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 3

Harutora and Natsume try to stop Suzaka but are too late. Once awakened her brother while cute tries to choke the life out of her. Crazy kid.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 3- Natsume and Harutora fighting Suzaka Dairenji

Harutora still has major issues since he would like to see her pay for the death of Hokuto. He knows that despite her being a non-human familiar she mattered to him at a time when he didn’t know that she wasn’t human. In the end, he can’t allow himself to let Suzuka’s brother murder her.

Thanks to the Tsuchimikado family’s power Harutora somehow defeats the evil force possessing Suzuka’s brother.

Harutora and Natsume are off to Tokyo now to who knows what adventures. While Harutora sees it as a way to find out more about Hokuto’s master. Touji may already have some idea!

Tokyo Ravens Episode 3- Natsume and Harutora in Tokyo Japan

To Tokyo, Japan to some of you who were wondering why the anime is called Tokyo Ravens.


Tokyo Ravens (12 episodes)

Tokyo Ravens

In the “Great Disaster,” Japan has been thrown into chaos by onmyouji (a kind of magician). Harutora Tsuchimikado was born into an onmyouji family, but has no power whatsoever. His childhood friend Natsume (another member of the Tsuchimikado family) appears to him one day to take him up the promise he made long ago to become her shikigami (familiar). A battle between onmyouji is about to begin. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)
Animation Production8-Bit
Main Characters
Kaito Ishikawa Harutora Tsuchimikado
Kana Hanazawa Natsume Tsuchimikado
Opening Theme:

X-encounter” by Maon Kurosaki
Tokyo Ravens Episode 1- Opening Theme Song
” The Opening Theme Song is very good. Adds to Tokyo Ravens mood found in the series” 
Ending Theme:

Kimi ga Emu Yuugure” by Yoshino Nanjou
Tokyo Ravens Episode 1- Ending Theme Song
” Melancholy tone. Quite beautiful.”