Diabolik Lovers (2013) Anime Series Review

Diabolik Lovers

Director: Shinobu Tagashira

Yui Komori’s father moves abroad, so he sends her to live in a new town with the six Sakamaki brothers. When she arrives at their mansion, she discovers that they are vampires. They abuse her psychologically and physically, often feeding off her. While she optimistically accepts her situation, she unravels mysteries both of their past and her own.
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Diabolik Lovers Anime Review

Diabolik Lovers Episode Count: 12 episodes

Anime Production ZEXCS

The Characters

Daisuke Hirakawa –Reito Sagamaki

Hikaru Midorikawa –Ayato Sagamaki

Katsuyuki Konishi –Reiji Sagamaki

Kousuke Toriumi Shū Sagamaki

Rie Suegara Yui Komori

Takashi Kondo Subaru Sagamaki

Yuuki Kaji Kanato Sagamaki

Opening Theme Song
Mr. Sadistic Night” by Hikaru Midorikawa and Kousuke Toriumi


Pretty chilling and fits perfectly to the dark and macabre feel of Diabolical Lovers. Quite beautiful too.

Ending Theme Song

“nightmare” by Yuki Hayashi


Overall very good background music to close each episode. Diabolik lovers makes me appreciate it more when it has such good music soundtrack.

The Fall 2013 Anime Season was one truly excited for considering it would be bringing with it Season 2 of Valvrave the Liberator. So it should be noted that it just so happened that was avid in searching through various blogs and websites for as much information on news and information of the Fall 2013 Season lineup. One of the best places for stops for anime news, of course, is YouTube. While out searching for a deeper clue to what Diabolik Lovers was like it had the Diabolik Lovers PV available. It provided a good enough look at the series as whole on closer inspection. Even after completely watching it served as a good sampler then. It was going to be a series simply for the eye candy and very intriguing voices of the cast for Diabolik Lovers and anything that followed was probably extra.

Once Diabolik Lovers began the animation proved to be much richer looking than from the PV. The eyes as stated in some episodic reviews reminded me of the eyes of anime characters of Amnesia. They are so full of light and the animation is just glorious. Mostly due to the fact that the PV could not tell you everything of what it will be like. Not at first glance anyway. The atmosphere had a dark and surreal feel to it and helped establish a sense of being far away from civilization. A very good quality considering the vampire brothers are split apart and set apart from regular humans. Each episode saw us see that each brother was truly different and had differing twisted personalities and mannerisms. While each may have come off as much less harsh they all remained the cruel abusers of Yui since they are in the end vampires and her the main heroine just food. Still each episode revealed something that moved the plot along and gave some clue of how one character related to another.

The anime eyes for Yui give off such a luminous rose pink glow. Pretty wonderful animation quality.

The anime eyes for Yui give off such a luminous rose pink glow. Pretty wonderful animation quality.

The series had its minor ups and downs toward the middle half which would be episode 6. Sometimes not a lot happened and even if it did next episode Yui would be in a situation where what happened in the past just had no effect in the present. All of these irregularities in truth can only be summed up to its short episode length but even so Diabolik Lovers overall managed well. Toward the end we get a clear explanation of most of the more important points of what is going on. There are still some mysteries to Yui’s eventual fate. Still Yui’s supposed father’s whereabouts are not touched upon so for fans wishing to know more that is a dead end.

The voice acting has to be centerpiece of the series. If it wasn’t for the amazing work of the voice actors the series could have been less intriguing. The characters exude sexy and big drama. Yui really comes as quiet and naïve. Really for Diabolik Lovers the voice acting adds more dimensions to the characters.

Music in the series is so custom-fitted too. Mr. Sadistic Night is addicting and reflects well of the vibes exuded by most of the vampire brothers and their very sadistic personalities.

Diabolik Lovers- vile

Diabolik Lovers is not exactly a normal anime series much in the sense Black Butler was not your regular anime. It is willing to go into some uncharted corners that is true! Sometimes it made you wonder at it all. More than once thought how different and original the anime series was even if at times found only just amusing.


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