Hamatora: The Animation what a masterpiece or Best of Winter 2014

Hamatora anime series main group cast

Hamatora: The Animation Episode 1-5 Anime Review

Episode 1

Hamatora Episode 1 [1-6]

While in the past had made up my mind that would not be blogging about any particular anime this season given how rushed was last season with anime reviews. Still Hamatora came along and felt so unbelievably impressed with the series could not pass up the chance to review it. 

The first episode introduced us to Nice, the main protagonist of Hamatora: The Animation, who is at first glance one of the most clueless guy you’ll ever meet. Still as the series progressed we truly realize he is not as clueless as he seems. He is actually a very intelligent and observant young man. He works along with many colleagues mainly another young man named Murasaki with glasses. They both possess minimum a rare psychic ability only found in a few people. They all work doing odd jobs and they work under the company name of Hamatora. They get cases that involve some detective work and depending of the severity of the case usually leads some of the characters to end up using their minimum. The first episode showed Nice and Murasaki’s investigative skills which they use to get a feel for the truth behind the case brought by a client they have. It is entertaining to watch the case get solved because it is not all serious but there are obvious instances of humor. Hamatora is a good example of how serious and light humor is used in an anime mystery series well.

One character that have to stress of vital importance is Art. We are not aware completely of who he is but we are aware that he is Nice’s friend. Art admittedly is impressed by Nice’s abilities. The fact that he is an inspector makes Nice’s cases cross paths with Art’s own cases. This is a character that stands out besides Nice since he has a strong role in the life of Nice but also since he has a distinct voice from his performance by Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi-Attack on Titan, Yato-Noragami).

Episode 2

Nice and Murasaki get a case with a boy in high school searching for his missing teacher. A teacher who is not what he first appears to be! Still the more Nice and Art get in contact with each other does Nice hear that there is a dangerous individual targeting minimum holders.

Episode 3

Hamatora Episode 2 [1-2]

The case brought before Nice and Murasaki is a bizarre one. The Association for the Health, Protection, and Equality of Youths wants them to dig up a scandal involving Facultas Academy where minimum holders have graduated when they have harnessed their minimums completely. Nice and Mizuki both also are graduates of Facultas Academy.  Key thing to note is not all who graduate truly are people who manifest a minimum ability. They may just graduate based on high intellect.

Art gets closer to the person targeting minimum holders and then using them to make other minimum holders who didn’t originally present a minimum. Art sees the man’s way of thinking up close. The man believes in only one thing when concerning people: those with minimum and those without it.
Hamatora Episode 3 [1-6]

On Nice’s latest case Art is there to witness it and he is not pleased with what he sees in Nice and the perpetrator who is targeting minimum holders and making artificial ones.

Hamatora: The Animation Episode 3 carried a heavy mystery surrounding the man who is involved with targeting minimum holders and his connections with Nice.
Hamatora Episode 4 [3]

Episode 4

Hamatora Episode 4 [1]

Art is determined to keep the meeting of Nice and the man who is involved with creating artificial minimum holders from happening any time soon even as Art’s latest case requires Nice’s help and might bring the criminal face-to-face with Nice.
Hamatora Episode 4 [2]

Episode 5

Hamatora: The Animation Episode 5 was more of a comedic episode with only one major important story progression which was toward the end! Still this episode was very, very entertaining. If they can do episodes like this it only makes me want to continue to watch since it can still have some hilarious episodes full of good laughing for viewers.
Hamatora The Animation Episode 5 [1-4]

Hamatora: The Animation is one fast-paced anime despite it being a mystery solving series. Each episode is layered with a new case but then those cases are connected to a grander scheme that is sure to involve all the characters in the near future. Still even though it has the mystery aspect which could make it more serious it retains a lighter side with some humor seen in each episode. It works well with some reverse innuendos used and the quirks of some of the characters. Most episodes also offer a good mix of action usually when the main characters are forced to use their minimums. The moment it happens the musical composition is striking and the very animation turns very experimental. When describing Hamatora it would have to be classified as a genre-bender. The genres it touches include: action, mystery, science fiction, and comedy. It just has so many overwhelmingly refreshing turns it keeps heading towards. I will continue to watch this series that has so many unique aspects to it!

Opening Theme Song/OP-Hamatora: The Animation

OP sequence 1

FLAT” by Livetune ft. Yūki Ozaki

The Opening Song may just be one of my favorites. It is done by Livetune whom I am a big fan of since hearing them once before. Livetune also did the Opening Theme Song for Devil Survivor 2: The Animation.

Ending Theme Song/ED-Hamatora: The Animation

ED sequence 1  “Hikari (Light)” by Wataru Hatano

The music and lyrics fit perfectly to the series. The OP and ED are both perfectly suited theme songs. They are also beautiful songs. Hamatora: The Animation be assured has good music besides being a fantastic series.

Hamatora The Animation 2014

Hamatora: The Animation (12 episodes)

Director: Seiji Kishi

“Minimum” – a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings, known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, the detective team Hamatora, formed by two minimum holders named Nice and Murasaki, comes across information connected to a serial killer being pursued by their old friend Art. It turns out all the victims are minimum holders like them. Unwillingly at first, the two detectives become involved in the investigation.
(Anime News Network)

Animation Production NAZ

The Characters

Ryota Ohsaka Nice

Hiroshi Kamiya Art

Wataru Hatano Murasaki

Atsushi Ono Master

Ayaka Ohashi Rei

Emiri Katō Hajime

Eri Kitamura Honey

Jun Fukuyama Birthday

Katsuki Murase Three

Kiyono Yasuno Koneko

Nobuhiko OkamotoSeo

Takuya Eguchi Mao

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