launches today and aims to bring English Subbed and Dubbed Anime Streams

NeonAlley 2014 who is owned by Viz Media has transitioned their previous membership of the streaming of Naruto and Bleach and other titles that are not just licensed by them into a free streaming service for all.

They have made available a lot of shows since the launch. There are other titles available too so check them out.

The Neon Alley team also lets fans know that every month a new season will be added plus every week 2 episodes continuing from where the live stream left off. This a trend that will probably continue for future seasons of any given anime and if any new episodes are released. This is only the tip of the iceberg new anime will still be incoming. You can see the full anime release schedule for some upcoming shows: Viz Media-Neon Alley Anime Release Schedule

Anime fans can now get anime in a very accessible package.


Anime Titles

Bleach- Episodes 1-25 dubbed & All 366 episodes subbed

Tiger & Bunny – All episodes subbed & eps 1-4 dubbed

Inuyasha- Episodes 1-27 dubbed (and all 167 subtitled episodes)

And more to come!’s launch also brings with it celebratory sweepstakes! Win awesome FREE stuff for watching FREE anime. The new Neon Alley blog has more news on how to enter their Watch and Win giveaways.

Naruto Set 1 and Naruto Shippuden Set 1

NeonAlley’s Watch and Win sweepstakes is for a Naruto Set 1 and Naruto Shippuden Set 1. April 8, 2014 is the last day to enter.

NOTE: You need to log in and comment in the comments section of the episode to be entered. It doesn’t count if you comment on the Neon Alley blog.


8 thoughts on “ launches today and aims to bring English Subbed and Dubbed Anime Streams

  1. Wow neon alley really dropped the ball. I dont understand how you cant come out with all this were new and improved talk when you really took some huge steps backwards. For starters almost all your dubbed anime is gone idk what happened because a lot of the missing dubbed stuff used to run on the live stream. Poof I guess huh. The movies are also gone, more poof? the advantages of the live stream introducing new shows maybe we didnt intend to watch but after having to watch it we end up liking it is gone too. I guess we really did gain a lot though I mean never before were there so many links asking if we wanna buy stuff. Good job you really made pirating the only fun and easy way to watch anything you have.


    • Well actually it is a huge step forward. They are actually going to put up a lot more dubbed content. This is like Day 2 and it will take them a while to upload stuff.

      And if you really liked stuff you would buy it. There is nothing like having the real purchased stuff but if you want things for free then it will be available. Every month like said in my post they will be adding new content. They probably took a lot of stuff that was old and they will be adding new subbed and dubbed anime.

      I am happy since I will look to less fansub anime sites and just go with


  2. Here is just a sample of what will be added, according to Neon Alley on FB::
    Already on:
    1-25 of Bleach, 1-27 of Inuyasha, 1-4 of Zetman, Accel World, Lagrange and Tiger and Bunny, 47+48 of Ranma 1/2, 232-235 of Naruto Shippuden

    By the end of April, here is a small bit of updates that will be available:
    Naruto 1-4, .Bleach 101-110, Ranma 1/2 49-56, Naruto Shippuden 236-239

    By the end of May:
    1-37 of Death Note, 1-26 of Moribito

    In June:
    some earlier full season of the original Naruto anime

    In July:
    earlier full seasons of Naruto Shippuden

    Also, Naruto, Bleach, Ranma 1/2, and Naruto Shippuden will be updating with new dubbed episodes every week, even through this time frame. Other shows like Zetman and the others that have 1-4 available with have the rest of the series added all at once. Each dubbed episode that is available will be available for months, if not longer, upon arrival on the new Neon Alley.


    • Pretty much. It will just be a waiting game really. My brother has also commented on “Rome wasn’t built over night”. It would obviously take them time to upload all these good anime shows.

      Right now pretty happy watching Accel World. Good series.


      • Accel World is a good series. I watched it during the last rerun it actually finished before going free on Hulu. It doesn’t cover the whole of the Light Novels, though, just like with Sword Art Online. At least SAO is getting another season this year, hopefully Accell World gets more soon, also..


        • Really, it seems a lot of anime series from light novels never really cover all its material.
          With Sword Art Online I also am excited we’ll be getting more. Hopefully Accel World gets more.
          With anime series that are pretty good then think the more seasons the better.


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