’s Day 4-Watch and Win Sweepstakes

It has been a while now. has now reached its Day 4 mark. The latest Watch and Win will center around Naruto Shippuden episode 234 – English dubbed version .

What you can win? A set of Naruto Shippuden movies!

Naruto Shippuden Movies

Naruto Shippuden movies | Neon Alley Day 4

Go to the Neon Alley blog to enter:

I think of all that NeonAlley is offering for its sweepstakes. Naruto Shippuden movies are the best. So far, I have entered all except Day 2 of the Watch and Win sweepstakes but only because I already happily own K-The Complete Series Limited Edition on Blu-ray/DVD Combo. Since chances are wont win, probably. It is not going to stop me from informing all anime fans out there reading the blog about the sweepstakes going on. You guys might get lucky and win.

NOTE: You need to log in and comment in the comments section of the episode to be entered. It doesn’t count if you comment on the Neon Alley blog.