First Look-Black Bullet

Black Bullet-2014      Director: Masayuki Kojima| Animation Studio: Kinema Citrus , ORANGE ANIMATION STUDIO

Black Bullet-2014 Director: Masayuki Kojima| Animation Studio: Kinema Citrus , ORANGE ANIMATION STUDIO

This series qualifies as one among three of:

Black Bullet’s Opening Theme Song titled Black Bullet by fripSide.

EPISODE 1 REVIEW-Black Bullet is probably in the top for anime anticipating will turn out pretty darn good this Spring 2014 Anime Season. So you can imagine my surprise once episode 1 released only just yesterday. I felt I would be much more impressed once the moment came and I was sort of let down just a “tad”.

It is not to say that isn’t good because the very story concept if you look closer really is a perfect formula. When your dealing with a post-apocalyptic world and some nasty parasitic epidemic running rampant it can lead in interesting directions in terms of character development and story in general.

The downside for episode 1 was it didn’t do much of a good job of presenting us everything in a way that really gave us at least an idea on the grander scheme of things while still keeping us in the dark. It did present us with some information but that doesn’t help us get a real grip of where things might go from there except that out main hero Rentaro is a strong character with a serious  personality and his  occasional moments where he can soften. Rentaro also happens to be voiced by Yuki Kaji so I shall continue to watch for one of my favorite voice actors.  Then there is the fun character who is Enju our heroine in the anime series and perhaps my most favorite since I do like loli characters. I was a big fan of Darker Than Black’s Yin and later Suou. Recently even Yaya from Unbreakable Machine-Doll which Enju reminds me of Yaya and Raishin of Rentaro. If Rentaro and Enju happen as in a romantic way then don’t be surprised if support that big time since think they are so cute. Anyway, let us just put it down as loli tropes equals some fun moments at the very least.

The very big thumbs up have to give Black Bullet and one of the things did well in impressing though was its animation. Pretty vibrant and specially smooth. During fighting scenes against the parasitic virus that caused the apocalypse in the world a lot of the action sequences really do keep you interested while they happen.

Black Bullet Episode 1-Rentarou and Enju running

In a world overrun by Gaestra Rentarou and Enju must still make time to make it to a limited time only bean sprouts sale. I mean people still have got to eat! Even in a post-apocalyptic and deadly virus decimated world.

Black Bullet at this point though has to have more than Enju being a fun character and Yuki Kaji’s voice acting if should recommend and even plan continue to follow. I really hope it doesn’t turn out like Sunday Without a God which later dropped which was the first time dropped an anime series was seeing. I want to believe that my instincts were right on choosing to follow this series. It has such a smart premise and it would be disappointing if something couldn’t come out of it. Time will tell though. Right now still hope some interesting story plots can develop in the future episodes. I believe with Yuki Kaji voicing Rentaro the series should do well. After all I haven’t been letdown yet in how passionate he can be in his roles for a given anime series like Guilty Crown’s Shu Ouma (one of my favorite series and character), Eren Yaeger from Attack on Titan, and even more recently Yukine from Noragami.

Black Bullet (13 episodes)

Black Bullet-Spring 2014 anime series

Director: Masayuki Kojima

In the year 2021, mankind was defeated by Gastrea, a parasitical virus, and is forced to live within a wall made of Varanium Monoliths, a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. Soon, the “Cursed Children”, children born with the Gastrea virus who are able to control it—which gives them superhuman abilities—were discovered. Due to the Gastrea virus’ intervention, the Cursed Children could only be female. Civil Securities are formed to specialize in fighting against Gastrea, operating with the pair of an Initiator, who are cursed children, and a Promoter, serving to lead the cursed children.

Genre: Science Fiction, Action


Animation Production : Kinema Citrus , ORANGE ANIMATION STUDIO

The Characters

Rina HidakaEnju Aihara
Yuki KajiRentarō Satomi

Black Bullet-OP theme song

#1: “Black Bullet” by fripSide

Black Bullet OP theme song shot

Pretty impressive opening theme song. Definitely one reason like the series so far. Nice opening theme song.

Black Bullet-ED theme song

#1: “Tokohana” by Nagi Yanagi

Available to watch on Crunchyroll: Black Bullet Episode 1 English Subbed