News-Anime Video Sales Hit 6-Year Peak+Attack on Titan Projection+K: Missing Kings Teaser

A lot of good news that really find particularly full of a celebratory nature have recently popped up. First off in my recent Otaku USA e-newsletter news on the state of anime’s homeland home video sales was touched upon which seem to come as a surprise considering the fear in past years on the decline of the anime industry in some areas.

Otaku USA

According to the report, released March 17 by the Japan Video Software Association (JVA), sales of Japanese animation DVDs and Blu-rays rose to 78.99 billion yen (about $768 million) in 2013, a 6.5% increase over the previous year’s sales and the highest total in six years.

By comparison, foreign animation video sales came out to only 6.191 billion yen ($60.2 million), a mere fraction of the sales for domestically produced animation. When taking video sales as a whole into account, Japanese animation now makes up staggering one-third of the total video software market in Japan.

Also worth noting is that video software sales in Japan as a whole dropped 2.6% between 2012 and 2013. As you might expect, DVD sales dropped 12.8% to 162.9 billion yen ($1.585 billion) while Blu-ray sales jumped 24.1% to 88.8 billion yen ($863.6 million).

The news on the recent report is really good news but I feel in some ways with Attack on Titan and other phenomenal released titles the news is validated. The only downside was video software which was reported as a decline.

On better news still with the success of Attack on Titan’s manga sales reaching 30 million units sold. In Japan from April 10-12 at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza shopping mall in Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Japan there will be a 200 feet 3-D projection of some Attack on Titan. See it below. Seen it myself and it is worth some of your time especially if you love Attack on Titan.

-Thanks to the Gigazine blog for the videos.




Finally some news as a big K fan. A K:Missing Kings teaser trailer has just been posted up recently! The band known as angela will be performing “Different Colors” which believe will be a song within the film. Updates to come on this though.

The K: Missing Kings movie opens up on July 12.