List Compilation of Best Places to Shop for Anime and Manga Online (North America)

 Best Places to Shop Online-Anime and Manga

Best Places to Shop for Anime and Manga Online

Setting out on the road of being an avid anime fan and maybe big collector of anime and manga merchandise it is always helpful to have a good idea of where to shop. The problem with anime and manga is that since it is such a niche entertainment is proves rather hard to find places physically where you can buy anime and manga. If you’re lucky you can find places in your area that has stores dedicated to anime and manga but if you’re not, then online shopping is the only way to go. Listed below is a compilation of the best places to do online shopping primarily for those in North America looking to online shop in their region not abroad.

UPDATE: Sadly Anime Nation decided to close down their online operation. They are no longer in business as of 9/12/2014. comes at #1 because they have such a large array of anime and manga even ones for future releases that are usually available for pre-order. Their inventory expands into anime figures, wallscrolls, plushies, and you name it. Their manga offerings are pretty large too especially when you think about how they have to stock other products (from food to clothes) besides anime and manga. Another reason they have such good inventory is because the Amazon marketplace provides third party sellers to sell their items either in the new or used sections. What you may not notice is that sometimes if an item is so low cost in the used section then the added shipping and handling by the third party sellers which is almost always $3.99. You still come out getting good deals.

The added benefits stack up yet when you realize that when you buy straight from with their shipping being free for orders over $35 this only saves you money on shipping. Who doesn’t want to save money on shipping? It is shipping and handling which makes online shopping the most expensive after all.


Rightstuf is a better place to buy anime and manga merchandise if you want to support a company that brings you anime and understands that consumers out there want anime. Still there prices can not compare to how low’s are in some areas. Older anime franchises offer better prices or for hard to find anime. Although now noticing that their new releases also have good deals compared to their full retail price. It is also a good online shop stop if you’re looking for small stuff merchandise and or anime soundtracks to your favorite series. Finally to get free shipping and handling you have to spend over $49.

3. Robert’s Anime Corner Store

The great thing about Robert’s Anime Corner Store is the large array of categories of anime merchandise which should help an anime fan find exactly what he or she needs. The categories are as follows: Anime DVD and BD, Manga and Books, Figurines and Toys, CD Soundtracks, Character Goods, and Adults Only and since it is family-owned you would be having the added benefit of supporting a family-owned online store.

4. Anime Nation                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Anime Nation is another one of the best places to shop when you are looking for anime focused online shopping sites. The setup is quite beautiful! Much like Robert’s Anime Corner Store provides ways for anime fans to be able to browse through what they are searching for in a simpler way. See below the setup. Some of their main features include What’s New, Coming Soon, Bestsellers, and Anime Blu-ray.


NOTE: The list does not include Ebay, Barnes and Noble’s online store, and or Ebay because of many cases reported of anime bootleg encounters from fans. Barnes and Noble has good seller credibility but do not recommend because of their very expensive prices on anime. You can get better deals from many of the above online stores. Best Buy’s online store also has good seller credibility but some expensive prices that are close to retail price much in the same case of Barnes and Noble’s Online Store. Better deals with the above stores. Walmart has good seller credibility but has limited anime titles. Walmart is recommended if you’re looking for a specific anime that is more widely known or popular since you can occasionally find good deals through their online store.