REVIEW TIME [Code Geass C.C. Chibi Arts Figure by Bandai]

CC chibi art figure[4-5]

This post will soon be updated in the future with original C.C. figure photos. These photos are ones that are the standard used to showcase the figure among retailing stores.

Now that have been a fan of anime for some time and more recently manga have come to realize how important the medium is to me. I absolutely love it! It brings me so much happiness and that is the reason why decided to start an anime blog besides just my book and movie blog.

Last year Toonami returned also and somehow if no one has noticed they are finally doing some amazing things. They are switching out the over/overused-run anime and putting in some new and fairly interesting anime. Sword Art Online, Big O, IGPX (seen in the past but never finished seeing all the episodes), FLCL, Deadman Wonderland, Samurai 7, Casshern Sins. Blue Exorcist and currently the amazing Attack on Titan.

It has given me time to see more anime. With all this going on decided to finally begin collecting anime more including figures. All my favorites through the years including merchandise as well. One of my favorite series which interesting enough was one was first introduced to through Toonami was Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and later Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. I was forever amazed by the wonderful animation and story of the series.

First I bought the whole anime series which included Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 even though it is a tad out of print as of now and therefore just a bit expensive. Now with that it was time for me to buy the Code Geass C.C. Chibi Arts Figure by Bandai! A figure that would go wonderfully with the DVD collections.

The figure itself is beautiful and reminds me of nendoroid figures by the Good Smile Company. The ones everyone wants to own for their cuteness and which are somewhat pricey. The chibi arts luckily seems similar looking because of their obvious chibi form but are much more affordable.

C.C. comes with multiple faces (3). She also has Arthur the cat, a circular transparent mat for Arthur, a pizza box, several C.C. arm positions (3), the Zero helmet, a transparent standing stand to hold C.C. up, and finally some word phrase cards. All in all quite the set up. C.C. looks adorable and she looks just like you’d see her in the anime series. For an anime fan of Code Geass it is a must-get. A very substantial collectible.

Where Bought Code Geass C.C. Chibi Arts Figure by Bandai Geass C.C. Chibi Arts Figure by Bandai (22.70 USD)

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