Soul Eater: The Complete Series (2012) DVD Review

Soul Eater 2012 DVD Complete Collection Set


Soul Eater is an anime series that began airing in 2008. FUNimation Entertainment also released it in North America with this latest DVD incarnation in 2012.


 A Soul Eater Anime Review

Soul Eater Episode Count: 51 episodes

In the world of Soul Eater there are many dangers but even so the students trained in the DWMA (an academy of sorts) are willing to confront corrupted souls close to becoming monsters or keishin. They do so not only to fight to protect others but to test their own capabilities. Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and The Thomson sisters are the elite as weapon meisters who fight to protect the world from being overrun by fear or madness.

Soul Eater’s resounding final closing message is that we really shouldn’t make it difficult for ourselves and that the way to defeat the evil is nearly impossible because it is an ever ongoing fight.

The animation charged with handling Soul Eater’s animation was BONES. They did a terrific job with character designs and the entirety of the animation of the series. Music performed by T.M. Revolution a very talented singer. You also have stand out performances by Abingdon Boys School, Tommy heavely6, Stance Punks, and Diggy-Mo.

In relation to the anime serie’s voice acting considering originally saw this through Toonami have only gotten to the English voicing of it although FUNimation does offer the subtitled version on the DVD collection if later interested.

The whole series is made all the brighter by the English voice cast making the relationships between the characters easy to get wrapped up in and fall in love with them. Performances that stand out most are Micah Solusod as Soul, Laura Bailey as Maka, Todd Haberkorn as Death the Kid, and Chuck Huber as Stein.

The DVD series had a much cleaner and higher video quality than the Toonami television broadcast version so you are getting better quality overall if you have the home video release. Discs include several English voice cast commentaries some that are actually insightful into how voice actors audition for a character in anime. Available also on the the DVDs are Soul Eater episode shorts that have comedic value. Finally some discs contain Clean Opening Animation and Ending Animation offered subtitled and or textless.

A series with a strong pedigree and strong well-joined animation and performances. Heavily recommended.


Soul Eater anime series

Soul Eater Image @ Anime News Network

Director: Takuya Igarashi

Based on the manga by Atsushi Ookubo, the fantasy-adventure Soul Eater (2008) takes place at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school run by the Grim Reaper to create pairs of fighters, one of whom transforms into a weapon wielded by a partner called a “Meister.” Soul, who always wants to look cool, turns into a scythe that the diligent Maka uses; infinitely patient Tsubaki becomes a variety of weapons for motor-mouth assassin Black Star. They’re joined by the Grim Reaper’s powerful but addled son Death the Kid, who has a neurotic fixation on the principle of symmetry, and his twin guns, the Thompson Sisters. Despite their many foibles, all three partnerships command impressive powers. Assigned to capture the souls of evil beings who could foster the creation of a terrible demon known as the Kishin, they battle witches, golems, and other evil creatures. 

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy


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