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Early on in the blog when had taken a first look of Chaika The Coffin Princess had some doubts of where the series was going. It has been a while since then. Chaika The Coffin Princess started to materialize its real self by now. Its looking very good story concept-wise, character development-wise, and animation-wise not too shabby (helps that the character designs are pretty unique since animation honestly think is average at times). As always when BONES becomes involved with an anime series, pay attention!

Chaika The Coffin Princess (22 episodes)

Chaika The Coffin Princess-2014 Anime Series

A brief run-down for Chaika The Coffin Princess streaming Episodes 2-6

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EPISODE 2-Chaika was revealed in episode 1 as harboring secrets but with episode 2 she is confronted by a group interested in capturing her. The group which would call Gillette’s group named after the leader of the group itself, Gillette. The group after Chaika which wants to stop her from gathering the remains of her dead father which they believe will bring the downfall of the peaceful fall of the society that in place currently want nothing more than to stop Chaika and her plan to assemble her father’s remains. Her father who was known as a powerful dark magician of sorts, Emperor Gaz.

Toru and Akari are confronted with Chaika’s real identity but in one of the most epic turn of events in anime. Toru decides he wouldn’t mind bringing on war to the world. To him war is better than the peace in place right now in society which gives him no purpose to fight. Interestingly enough this makes Toru less a hero but an anti-hero. It really makes Chaika The Coffin Princess as more than your average anime series.

EPISODE 3-Most of the episode deals with Gillette’s group trying to find Chaika’s group and try to capture her. Meanwhile with Chaika’s group as they try hard to evade capture, Toru, has his suspicions on what Chaika’s goals are in life and how to make them happen. Chaika assures him but when her only source of information to getting to the rest of Emperor Gaz’s remains lies with a young boy with some mysterious magic he can’t help his skepticism.

EPISODE 4-Chaika has gained her father’s remains but still not all. Now Chaika, Toru, and Akari who have taken up traveling are after Dominica Scoda who may posses the rest of Emperor Gaz’s remains. They try to get to know her before they reveal their goals and as such Toru has to decide how to go about it. We get a lot of character growth in the episode. Mainly in regard to Toru. Toru wants to get the job done easily even if it means in so contemptible means through poisoning Dominica but Chaika disapproves.

Toru is conflicted since as a saboteur once a deal is made with a master he has to bring his master’s goals to realization. Although, when Chaika is uncertain it makes it difficult for Toru to act. Toru though decides to somehow respect his master’s wishes. So he decides to just openly state his business to Dominica only to find she is a dragon- in the series called a dragoon (which think is pretty creative). Chaika The Coffin Princess keeps on laying down more surprises it seems as the series continues which makes it very compelling and enjoyable to watch.

 EPISODE 5-In previous episodes Gillette’s group surmised that Chaika may not be the only Chaika since all the information around Emperor Gaz is grainy at best much less his daughter. This episode Chaika gets cornered and captured. What is interesting though is that there are some Chaika clones in existence, by a Chaika look-a-like and team. Luckily white Chaika’s Toru and Akari capture the Red Chaika (Chaika look-a-like) in turn! The fact that there are Chaika clones out there is very interesting but more importantly why do they exist at all.

EPISODE 6-Toru, Akari, and even now Dominica are now planning an exchange to get back their white Chaika. Things don’t go as planned at all since Gillette’s team continues to meddle. Although from what has been going on behind the scenes it doesn’t seem like Gillette’s group is exactly bad just that they are as lost for information of where Chaika stands just as much as Toru is with who Chaika is. Toru gets a big choice to make in this episode. While he protects the Red Chaika from attacks from Gillette’s group he is soon highly regarded by the Red Chaika much like the way White Chaika did in the very first episode.

Red Chaika believes he will be a great asset to her own goal of wanting revenge against those that murdered her father Emperor Gaz. Even though we see her as a fake Chaika, Red Chaika, seriously believes she is the true Chaika and the White Chaika a fake. Toru must now decide whether to stay loyal to White Chaika or Red Chaika. Toru makes a strong and impressive decision in the end only cementing him as a fine character in the series.

In the First Look-Chaika The Coffin Princess had remarked that this latest BONES offering was really unsure of where it was going exactly because the first episode truly only gave us a tiny glimpse into what the series could possibly become but with episode 6 have to say that now that all the pieces,so to speak, have been put into place the series has now completely settled into just the right place. The story’s main focus is that the White Chaika we know may not be the only Chaika out there. White Chaika still is determined to find all her father’s remains and give him a proper funeral out of respect for him. Since she is not the only Chaika out there unfortunately the other Chaikas besides the red one so far introduced are sure to try to eliminate her. Toru has swore his loyalty only to her (the White Chaika) for his own reasons.

While all this is a central to the story in Chaika The Coffin Princess, Akari is in love with Toru. They grew up as siblings even though it was revealed a few episodes back that they are not related by blood. Still Toru being the character he is may just be too dense to notice. Further along Gillette’s group is interested in discovering the mystery of the Chaikas and of Emperor Gaz even though they are limited by the Council of Six (who are really annoying bickering men).

The story has been well developed over time and character direction is being well built. What is being done very well is the fighting scenes of which this series has quite a lot! Toru’s fighting style is one of the most interesting have ever seen. Feel reminded so much of the intense fighting scenes from Darker Than Black of which Hei was the central character. This makes watching Chaika The Coffin Princess exciting to see in how action scenes are handled. Each episode is only adding to the series in a very satisfying way.

Animation studio, BONES, is doing a pretty good job in handling the animation. Granted honestly there are way better animated anime series out there but the animation is a little above average and it helps that they adapted the character designs so well that sometimes catch myself finding Chaika, Toru, Akari, and Gillette as very cute and handsome respectively. Chaika’s level of cutenesss is very high, indeed!

Chaika The Coffin Princess has noteworthy music. The opening theme song and as stated in the First Look think could rival The Irregular at Magic High School’s Opening Theme Song. The Ending Theme Song of Chaika The Coffin Princess is also very suited to the series. Pretty amazing music and animation sequences!

Quite happy to be sticking with Chaika The Coffin Princess and could not be happier and grateful with its development. If anything it is one of the strong anime series for this Spring 2014 Anime Season. 

Chaika The Coffin Princess-[OP] theme song

#1: “DARAKENA” by Iori Nomizu

Darakena is worth checking out on Youtube if there.

Chaika The Coffin Princess-[ED] theme song

#1: “Kairaku Genri (Pleasure Theory)” by coffin princess

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