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Princess Resurrection Anime

Princess Resurrection (2007)

The Anime Network OverviewNo good deed goes unpunished, so when Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a bit dead himself! Now normally a corpse is a corpse, of course, of course; but when the girl you’ve saved is the daughter of the King of the Monsters, there’s no such thing as resting in peace! Pulled back from the grave to join Hime’s monstrous retinue of servants and sycophants, Hiro must now follow in the wake of carnage and destruction that trails his chainsaw wielding mistress as she battles the various rogue werewolves, vampires, zombies that make her life (and his post-death) a living hell! She’s the ghoul your mother warned you about and she wants your body in PRINCESS RESURRECTION!

Princess Resurrection Anime Review

Princess Resurrection Episode Count: 26 episodes
Director: Masayuki Sakoi
Animation Production: Madhouse Studios

Ayako Kawasumi as Hime

Fuyuka Oura as Hiro Hiyorimi

Ai Shimizu as Sherwood

Mamiko Noto as Reiri Kamura

Rika Morinaga as Francesca

Shiho Kawaragi as Flandre

Yuko Kaida as Liza Wildman

Yuko Minaguchi as Sawawa

Hiro Hiyorimi is a young boy who is searching for his sister, Sawawa, in a small town. In his search for her, he comes across a beautiful young woman. Quickly enough though the woman is threatened as a heavy steal beam is set to fall on top of her. Hiro sacrifices himself to save her. He obviously dies but the young woman he rescued happens to be the princess of monsters known as Hime or Princess who decides to grant him continued life as an immortal through her power of the Flame of Life.

Hiro, Princess Resurrection

Hiro, Princess Resurrection

Yet, Hiro doesn’t know that princess only did so because she has many, many enemies in the monster world who are forever targeting her.

Flandre the robot maid protector of princess too, Princess Resurrection

This little cutie is Flandre (Flan) who always only ever says “Fuga”

Princess Resurrection is one anime series that definitely deserves many fans. It really should be added to the list of must-see anime series even if its older anime series. One of the first  things that as anime fan believe jumps at you is the animation. While the consensus of the animation’s quality is divided from what have seen here and there though on the whole its very cute and fluid. Character development is another endearing quality for Princess Resurrection. While Hiro may at first see princess (Hime) as a tyrant, he slowly acknowledges that she is honorable. We are also introduced to other characters including princess’s siblings who are varied in their personalities and backgrounds. One of the anime series’s most interesting characters is Lisa who some could describe as a tsudenre or tomboy girl. The third great thing about this anime series is the story. While the first half of the series tackles Hime’s monster enemies, the second tackles the princess’s siblings rivalry, and the third and final part encompasses the romantic side present in the anime series. The story therefore comes out being really nicely balanced.

There are many anime series out there but if had to recommend one, Princess Resurrection, would be one that comes to mind quickly enough. It has great replay value as well. Even though have a big feeling many anime fans have hardly heard of it. It’s sad that it may be underrated much like The Unlimited.

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Action, Romance, Fanservice

Recommendation Level: Phenomenal anime series. Very highly Recommended

Recommendation Tiers

Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended


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