A Few Anime Conventions Compiled w/Videos

Momocon: Seeing as I am from Georgia (U.S.A.) the first anime convention wanted to highlight is Momocon. The convention is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It also happens to be one of the fastest growing anime conventions in the United States.

Sentai Filmworks Marketing Team-Christian Lopez (left) and Kayle Campbell (Top right)

Sentai Filmworks Marketing Team-Christian Lopez (left) and Kayle Campbell (Top right)

  • Sentai Filmworks-They actually managed to upload their panel for Momocon and even uploaded various other panels of interest for those who could not make it to the convention. A really nice treat from the company to anime fans. The panels include the Sentai Filmworks Panel, Breaking Into Animation Industry-Momocon 2014, Bioshock Infinite panel, and others. You can watch it now: Twitch.tv. If you feel like a fast recap you can see the news on Sentai’s Tumblr.

The spokespersons for Sentai Filmworks who attended, Christian Lopez and Kayle Campbell, also gave some interesting feedback on if  Sentai Filmworks could possibly make a deal with Toonami to air some of their anime titles on the Toonami Block. See the video, below.

  • Toonami panel-Toonami along with ToonamiFaithful.com managed to bring a video to anime fans not able to attend the con which details Toonami’s current plans and their hopes for the future.


Anime North: I actually had never heard of this anime convention ever before! I follow the blog, CuriousCloudy, so that is how I recently just learned of this con. It is one convention of many I am guessing within Canada. Cloudy basically covered a lot of happenings that went on for the event. If you check Cloudy’s Youtube channel you can also find some Black Butler Yaoi 18 + vlog videos.

  • Anime North 2014 vlog-Basically a lot of coverage of the convention in general.



Fanime 2014: Held in Sand Diego, California. For Fanime 2014 happened to follow two very fantastic anime/manga related blogs: RandomC and Nigorimasen! They also happened to have some coverage for Fanime 2014!

  • Fanime 2014 Cosplaying by RandomC-Everyone at RandomC has quite the gallery of so many cosplayers at the con. The gallery you can see under Fanime 2014. My favorite cosplayers were actually Sora from No Game No Life, Maou from The Devil is a Part-Timer!, and Kakashi from Naruto.
  • Fanime 2014 coverage by Nigorimasen!-Fanime 2014 Panel: History of Sports Manga & Anime


A lot of the fun of the conventions is that the stream of them seemed to be coming all as summer began which find is perfect. More time for everyone as summer seems to keep things in slower pace for some reason. I tried to have a FUNimation panel video at Momocon added on the post since FUNimation did attend the convention but unfortunately FUNimation did not have video coverage. If there is such a video or even some panel videos for anime companies in North America like VIZ Media or another company let me know. I can definitely edit this post to add more content to it.