The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 2-10 Anime Review

Tatsuya | Miyuki

Tatsuya Shiba | Miyuki Shiba

The Irregular at Magic High School. A magic, science fiction anime series with contrasting main characters.

The Irregular at Magic High School-2014 anime series      Director: Manabu Ono | Animation Studio: Madhouse Studios

While in many ways, well aware, that The Irregular at Magic High School is quite the popular anime series in its own right. I couldn’t help but try to cover the series just for the sake of it. It takes quite the amount of energy to usually cover a series what with the writing involved then choosing what images to go with written reviews but the series has sparked my admiration for it for some time now. A series that has kept me thrilled for a new episode every Saturday. That is not all, by the way. Sometimes, days even before a new episode aired would catch myself thinking that Saturday should come faster already.

Many can note in the First Look-The Irregular at Magic High School that this Spring 2014 Anime Season offering was one of the ones had already flagged down as a series with huge potential for becoming an epic anime series. Episode 2-3 really served to show the differences and often discrimination between the Course 1 and Course 2 students. Slowly but surely Tatsuya wins the approval of the Disciplinary Committee at National University Affiliated First High School. He clashes with Hattori though he gains his grudging approval.

Episode 3-4 served to give a look at the close relationship that Miyuki and Tatsuya share. While toward the end of Episode 4 it introduced the problem of terrorism against magicians created out of a divide between those better at handling magic and those individuals who struggle with handling advanced magic. The Irregular at Magic High School can get technical which is where it becomes increasingly difficult to follow but what have found is best with following this series and probably the reason can continue to enjoy it is this: do not take the technical jargon seriously! Anime logic will just confuse you. Knowing the basics of the series is good after all a lot of the series does have these very precise names and what-not but in the larger scheme just knowing the basics is fine, if you take it too seriously you will obviously not enjoy it. Go with the flow.

The Irregular at Magic High School Montage

Some scenes that stood out through the aired episodes of the series. The Irregular at Magic High School #2-9

Available to watch on Crunchyroll: The Irregular at Magic High School Episodes English Subbed-Saturdays at 2 pm EDT

Episode 5-8 painted Tatsuya as a real somewhat, very serious guy. With previous episodes you would be tempted to believe he is a good guy but underneath lies the heart of a very strong, yet unhesitant attack magician. There were hints to this since he comes off as very unfeeling. The main heroine to The Irregular at Magic High School, Miyuki, does care for him so that should at least let us trust that he is not a terrible guy.

In The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 8-9 there is look into who Tatsuya really is in connection to his over-protective tendencies toward Miyuki. A lot is especially revealed about the Yotsuba clan of magicians. Basically they are also pretty discriminatory about the social society of magicians. Meanwhile Tatsuya figures out a way to actually make magicians fly.

Now with Episode 10, well, a lot did sort of happen but then not so much. Tatsuya stops a car-bus accident collision with Miyuki and others. The episode mostly helped to be the setup of how Miyuki keeps getting questioned on her feelings over her brother, Tatsuya. She is in total denial. Masaki too. He is a magician from another magic affiliated school but seems to already have an interest in Miyuki. That was fast! Miyuki and Masaki are way deep in denial.

In past episodes, she is always quick to cheer her brother’s accomplishes which is incredibly cute, so we know her denail in this episode over her relationship with Tatsuya is all a bunch of lies. While her jealous moments are quite the fun thing to watch and pretty cute as well. Tatsuya and Miyuki make a very adorable pairing and while they are siblings for the series I definitely support what many have dubbed the “wincest” or otherwise known as the obvious incest undertones. The wincest for the win with Miyuki and Tatsuya although with Tatsuya’s character we can already guess nothing too crazy will happen between the two since Tatsuya is an unflinching guy in the face of Miyuki’s behavior. In general though a series like The Irregular at Magic High School doesn’t bother me since have been already broken into the genre by Oreimo | Oreimo Season 2 Announced , I Feel Sorry For Fans of Legal Releases,which I love. Rest assure those of you who disapprove of the wincest!

Weird! The head patriarch of magician clans had scary eyes yet not one of the characters pointed out this fact. Well, okay then. Anime logic. Just don't think about it.

Weird! The head patriarch of magician clans had scary eyes ,yet, not one of the characters pointed out this fact. Well, okay then. Anime logic. Just don’t think about it.

Some scenes that stood out were when Miyuki was lusted after by her friends all who were girls. I found that very reasonable. It could happen as long as in real life a girl knew was beautiful. Why not, really. It was perhaps the single most hilarious moment in the episode.

The series has a good subdued interplay of characters interactions and situations amongst each other in a world that causes a certain level of discrimination because of the existence of magic and in effect magicians. The fighting in the series is kept to a minimum thus far and its concentration is more on the world-building and character growth. Miyuki and Tatsuya though have no real growth considering they are who they are and even from what has recently been surmised from Episode 10. There are things they have already gone through that have toughened them in life.

It makes sense considering character growth shouldn’t be expected out of every character especially if some characters have already gained their ideals or values since the beginning. Tatsuya explains just this to Mibu when he disagrees with her on discrimination in the world of magicians. The Irregular at Magic High School’s title also says it all. Tatsuya or even perhaps Miyuki are an irregular(s). They have their goals in mind and they have set their sights on it but its other magicians who are confounded by them which causes a clash of ideals. Tatsuya is a revolutionary magician but even he is not aware how he is seen as such by others. He is so distant because somehow he himself is disconnected. Its just every other character in the series seeing him as talented. Yuichi Nakamura portrays just the right Tatsuya which makes him out to be a capable magician with a calming and pleasant voice. You will see that in the series. Miyuki wants her brother to understand her but he doesn’t. Saori Hayami exemplifies just the perfectly serene and cute Miyuki to go with her appearance. It creates a nice atmosphere to the series.

The Irregular at Magic High School has good build on its world,nice voice acting, a perfectly round story premise, and animation. The only thing that can be mind-boggling is the information of the said world. It came as a eureka moment though on this! The Irregular at Magic High School uses what I refer to “over-information moments” because its trying to portray this very complicated magic disposed system and society. It can be rather frustrating at times mostly because it can be mind-boggling and time-consuming but think without it the series would be flat. Cliff-hangers present in the series are actually something that appreciate in the series. Sure it can be too suspenseful but at the very least you walk away with a feeling of wanting to see what happens next. Be aware of these three main things to the series: over-information momentscliff-hangers, and wincest moments. With concern to The Irregular at Magic High School, yes, the series it quite possibly one of the astonishing anime series for Spring 2014.

Note: While very much aware that there are LN (light Novels) or other content to The Irregular at Magic High School, I, chose to showcase the anime television series. Currently only interested in the anime series since mostly interested in anime. Even so, with franchises of a series where there are various adaptations never try to intermix them. I see them as a separate thing from the other, even if one adaptation is the original over the other. There are two separate mediums therefore different things just with similar premises. Usually anime series can also vary from their source material anyway.

The Irregular at Magi High School-Opening [OP] Theme song

#1: “Rising Hope” by LiSA

The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 1- OP

 The Opening Theme Song is very wonderful, indeed. Why take it on mere word. You can check it out on Youtube. Keep an eye out for it.
The Irregular at Magi High School-Ending [ED] Theme song

#1: “Millenario” by Elisa

The The Irregular at Magic High School-ED

The Ending music is much more milder than its OP counterpart but worth a look. You can hear it on Youtube somewhere.

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    • Its totally alright. The wincest is definitely not for everyone. I blame Oreimo for my like of the genre since will never have seen an anime like that although afterward was more exposed to that type of anime series.
      Then lately weirdly enough there are more wincest series coming out from Japan.


      • A lot of the times though they don’t end up being actually related. Apparently Irregular at Magic School is another of those instances. I’m sure that makes it ok in my book though *shrugs*


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