List of Favorite Youtube Anime Reviewers-Week 2 of June 2014

List of the Youtube Anime Reviewers whose Youtube channels frequented the most for Week 1 of June [June 7-11 | 2014].

Week 2 of June felt like it flew by! Well, that is how it felt in any case. I still managed to post up a review for The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 2-10 on the blog. Later also managed to give a mention to the Kickstarter project of World End Economica visual novels. The interactive games Kickstarter project actually managed to reach its goal of $22,000 before its closing date, so the project proved to be a real success! Very good news for the fans of World End Economica.

1. Antearion Robinson

Some thoughts on Date A Live 2 Episode 9.

2. Chibi Reviews

Chaika The Coffin Princess Episode 10 Anime Review.


3. TheHerokid42

No Game No Life Episode 6 Anime Review and The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 4 & 5 Anime Review.



5. ThatAn1meGUy

Anime Unboxing.