Final Thoughts on the End of Date A Live 2

Goodbye Date A Live 2 but hello Date A Live movie.

Date A Live 2 finally came to a close on Friday. With its finale episode everything was left completely open-ended! I kept thinking no this couldn’t possibly be the end of it, no way! By the way, yes! I was following Date A Live 2 all this time, ha ha ha, and never even did any major episodic anime reviews of the second season. Even so, think again because I was very much following the series and enjoying actually every episode that was airing. My fondness for Date A Live is one of the most high when it comes to anime.

The second season entirely focused toward the start of the series on Tohka’s insecurities over whether if Shido does truly love her. Quickly Date A Live 2 continued to get us acquainted with the Yamatai twin sisters and later Miku. The Yamatai sisters do put Shido in the most awkward positions and during let’s say that arc the series delves back to Season 1 of Date A Live’s origins which are underlining hilarious albeit situations that put Shido in some very uncompromising situations. It gave nods to the first season. The thing to note though is Season 2 did this more so. In Season 2 these bizarre and comedic instances were put on max especially with the introduction of Miku, the diva singer. Shido now has to act like a girl. Although, if we are being serious here he just outright looked and sounded like a girl! Shido/Shiori Itsuka is a true gender-bender! In essence, Season 2 was more wacky than Season 1 ever was. It was only toward the final three episodes or so of the series that we get back on a more serious track. Shido is confronted by the danger of Tohka’s safety, so he has to get serious. It is only toward the very finale that Shido made up his mind and got things done by his own hand by manifesting Sandalphon. Shido’s maturation shows he can go beyond just being someone who can seal the spirits’ powers but also someone who can just as competently fight like any of the other spirits. Sandalphon who is Tohka’s angel sword but now also apparently shared by him.

Throughout the series we see appearances of Westcott and his wizard, Ellen. They are obviously after Tohka but for unknown reasons. Even toward the final episodes we never do find out for what reason. Tohka’s inversion does occur. Shido manages to seal her power in Episode 10 but as we all know there is a very real possibility that her spirit powers can emerge since it has happened in the past especially with Tohka. Westcott was also completely satisfied with leaving since he managed to at least set into motion Tohka’s inversion. He can just easily wait it out and try to recapture Tohka for whatever plan he actually has in mind.

Kurumi searching for a sealed spirit [1-2]

Kurumi’s end goal was finding a sealed spirit.

Kurumi searching for a sealed spirit [2-2]

Date A Live 2 worked not in the sense of it actually giving a resolute concluding ending but rather giving us the journey from Season 1 toward Season 2. Date A Live was a standalone but Date A Live 2 sadly is not. It gave more of an entertaining shenanigans feeling for most of its run but got serious only toward the end and even when it did, well, it did not manage to actually wrap things up. What are Westcott’s real plans? How is it that Isaac Westcott knows Shido but as Takamiya? Why does Shido also possess Sandalphon? What are the origins of a spirit’s inversion? What exactly did Kurumi mean when she said she was searching for a locked up spirit? All these questions are left open-ended! The urge to know the answer to at least a few of these questions is high. There is hope yet.

Date A Live 2 left one grasping at straws. The ending will hit you the hardest though if you didn’t enjoy the journey of the series rather than its ultimate destination. The only saving grace is that a Date A Live movie has been announced toward the ending credits of Episode 10 of Date A Live 2. You can see the video, above. Seeing as how Date A Live 2 ended this might actually be the way it will finally get its neat and tied-up ending. It could if it is an original movie rather than a past episodes condensed version. It would have to be an original movie for the overall series, if there is to be a real satisfying conclusion. Such popular anime series that have received such treatment for example include Blood-C with Blood-C: The Last Dark and K with the soon to release K: Missing Kings movie in July.

Date A Live 2 is currently streaming via FUNimation

Director: Keitaro Motonaga

Based off: Koushi Tachibana’s light novels

Series scripts/writing: Hideki Shirane

Advising for world setting: Takaaki Suzuki

Character designs: Satoshi Ishino

Mecha designs: Mika Akitaka

Soundtrack scored by: Go Sakabe, Yasunori Ebina

Opening Theme Song [OP]-Trust in you by sweet ARMS

Date A Live 2 OP

Ending Theme Song [ED]- Day to Story by Kaori Sadohara

Date A Live 2 OP