Top Recommended of Winter 2014 Anime Series

Winter 2014 had quite a bountiful array of anime series much like any season but of them all some delivered from the very first moment of them showing some high potential. Some that really, really must recommend are Noragami, Hamatora, Space Dandy (Season 1), and Nobunaga the Fool.



Animation: +++

Animation Studio: BONES

Memorable Theme Song Piece

Show your simulcast numbers. Available to Watch: FUNIMATION

Deals with the supernatural and is a perfect example of how great voice acting and character-development can make the story of an aimless, drifter god meeting a young girl who slowly changes his life much more impressive. Voice acting stand-outs: Hiroshi Kamiya as Yato or The Yato God, Maaya Uchida as Hiyori,Yuki Kaji as Yukine, Takahiro Sakurai as Rabo, and Rie Kugimiya as Nora.

Hamatora | Hamatora: The Animation 


Animation: +++

Animation Studio: NAZ

Memorable Theme Song Pieces

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll

 Hamatora deals with the animation as a mixture of wacky with a cool color scheme of animation. The story has a balance of serious investigative nature and subtle comedy flowing from the many characters’ quirks.

Get more of a feeling for Hamatora: Hamatora: The Animation What a Masterpiece or Best of Winter 2014

Space Dandy Season 1

Space Dandy Season 1-2013 anime series

Animation: +++

Animation Studio: BONES

Available to Watch: FUNIMATION

Space Dandy truly is all about the comedy. There are a few moments of real intelligent references: the zombie movie one. If you can enjoy playful and even of the verge of absurd comedy with some pop culture references (pop culture references within modern day and present trends) added in then you will easily enjoy this anime series.

Nobunaga the Fool

Nobunaga the Fool 2013-2014 anime series

Animation: ++

Animation Studio: Satelight

Memorable Theme Song Pieces

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll

This is one series that is hard to really explain. It mixes science fiction with historical fantasy. There are intricate mythology nods and the core of the series deals with the struggle between somewhat of what you will call “warlords” fighting for power. While all this is very central there are political maneuvers by the main characters and it even has some romance. It can all get complicated but if you pay attention and if you like an anime series that makes you think then you will enjoy this. Nobunaga the Fool also features quite the elegant reminiscent pieces of old music of Japan for some parts of the series. It delivers mostly on what you come in believing of the series.

These recommendations are to be taken in no particular order since with anime there are many series that keep coming and just no way of knowing when one may be your absolute favorite one. This is the reason why they are deliberately not numbered. These are great anime series of Winter 2014 in their respective genres.

Animation Quality Tiers

– Not up to standards. Lowly animation quality.

+ Average.

++ Really well-animated.

+++ Gorgeously  animated or uniquely animated.

NEXT UP:  Top Recommended of Spring 2014 Anime Series

The Spring 2014 Anime Series final closing recommendations may be more thread-bare. I want to get the list out there as fast as possible, so the quality of the written piece may be rushed and not the best. I will probably re-work it and re-edit it a couple of times once it does go up afterwards.


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