First Look-Tokyo ESP

Manami probably a bad dangerous esper-Tokyo ESP Episode 1

The two Tokyos appear like they will be very impressive, indeed. Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo ESP.


The premiere of Tokyo ESP truly began perhaps in a very dramatic way. Tokyo ESP deals with espers those who basically have supernatural or superhuman abilities. Right off from the first episode it did give off some The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyosuke vibes from the first episode.

The story goes all out with showing us how various areas in Japan are under attack by humans with special abilities-espers. They have got into their head that it is them against all of humanity. There seems to be an anti-human esper organization led by someone known as the professor and then we have his right-hand woman, Manami who seems to have a grudge against Urushiba (The White Girl).


Minami leaving to search for someone

The anti-human espers seem to know that Rinka Urushiba also known as White Girl because of her white hair will eventually show up somehow to stop them from hurting people and committing their malicious terrorist attacks against society.

It was an interesting first episode to say the least and some of the animation especially when the action sequences came out coupled with some background music was pretty thrilling to watch.


Tokyo ESP Final Thoughts on Episode 1-Review

Manami almost hitting the Defense agent-Tokyo ESP Episode 1

Telling it honestly and straight

While the idea of espers is not something new usually what have found when it comes to anime it can usually be executed in such a way that depending on the way characters and their stories are developed these type of anime series can usually turn out pretty good sometimes like in the case of The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyosuke anime series. Even phenomenal. It has potential.

If you’re interested in watching something that is not being overly hyped but still looks like it would turn out good this Summer then this is a series to check out. It already appears like it will have really cute anime girls fighting against each other using superhuman abilities with maybe some romance. And, hey, the animation done by Xebec also has high production values, so that is always good.


Tokyo ESP (12 episodes)

Tokyo ESP 2014 anime series

Rinka is a high school student in Tokyo trying to make ends meet while supporting herself and her father. Her ordinary life takes a turn for the extraordinary when she witnesses a penguin and a school of fish flying through the air. After catching up to one of the fish, she passes out and wakes up to find herself suddenly granted supernatural powers. With her newfound ability to walk through solid objects, Rinka is about to learn just how transparent the world can be.

Director: Shigehito Takayanagi

Animation Studio: Xebec

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: FUNimation Entertainment

Available to Watch: FUNIMATION, Crunchyroll (Select countries but not the United States)| Simulcast on Fridays 2: 05 pm EDT

Tokyo ESP episodes are available on FUNIMATION to Free Subscribers a week after simulcasting for Elite Members. Free and Elite subscriptions available.

Tokyo ESP-[ED] Ending Theme Song 

Kyuusei Argyros by Yousei Teikoku

You can listen to it too as a credits version on Youtube. Thanks go to B>>Snowical Summer 2014.

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