After the Hype: The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 11-15 Anime Review

Masaki's magic-The Irregular at Magic High School anime series

After all the hype of Spring having settled The Irregular still manages to remain strong. Lately there is more action with magical live combat which for those thinking when would this show start getting serious, well, it is coming. As non-spoiler a post I have ever attempted. Read on!

The Irregular at Magic High School-2014 anime series 

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll, Aniplex of America | Streaming Online

I am still disliking the over information moments at times since as I keep mentioning to other anime fans can get too technical and formal but when it has other elements to distract me enough still keep enjoying the incoming episodes.

Episodes 11-13 seemed to focus strangely enough more on what I think are minor characters. All the first years who happen to be mainly girls of The First Magic Affiliated High School. While I wasn’t entirely sure that was such a good idea since always want more Tatsuya and Miyuki moments. Okay. No wrong. I may have shouted at my screen while watched the episodes on Crunchyroll give me more Tatsuya and Miyuki. Simply because for what has been a while there seems to be less TatsuyaxMiyuki moments.  After a while, the focus on Shizuka and the other girls wasn’t too terrible.

Tatsuya comforting Miyuki, A favorite moment-The Irregular at Magic High School anime series

There was at least this consolation prize in Episode 13. A Tatsuya and Miyuki moment.

What picked up the pace of the series and probably its turning point were Episodes 14-15 onward was the emergence of Tatusya’s noticeable talent as an engineer and everyone believing he has to participate in Monolith Code. By the way, I continue to be impressed with the sound to the name Monolith Code.

We can all guess that things are going to get really, really interesting especially with the reveal of Masaki being the Crimson Prince for a distinct reason. Now the real action can begin and the all-out magic warfare.

The Irregular at Magic High School Final Thoughts on Episode 11-15-Review

Gun God Tatsuya-The Irregular at Magic High School anime series

Gun God Tatsuya as dubbed by some anime fans!

Telling it honestly and straight

I think when anime like as I shall dub it for easier reference: The Irregular comes along I feel happy to call myself an anime fan. It has a very developed magic, science fiction construct. It entertains but still wants to give you a look at the universe, so much it even throws this crazy over-information flair which by this point have made my peace with.

I am not defending it but it is amusing to see what it is trying to do. Even so, it continues to even if by a tiny margin improve. The pacing for me personally has been one of the few series could manage to keep up-to-date as it airs. I have to wonder why since I loved No Game No Life and even Haikyu!! but still must finish those. Certainly my precious, Haikyu!! The Irregular though has a certain mesmerizing quality that keeps me coming for more!

Haikyu!! 2014 anime series

Hinata and Kageyama are a riot, after all. Haikyu!! 2014 anime series

Now just a few more words. With Episode 14, we got a new OP and ED. Both of which I very much dislike. Somehow, while enjoying ,The Irregular, time flew by and OP#2 and ED #2 have now sprang up but find them very disappointing. I was expecting a new OP and ED since with a series with more than 12 episodes it is a given new theme songs will be introduced but I miss the OP#1 and ED #1 immensely. I can’t say I look forward to the newer theme songs but at least the animation does still look great. See the image above of Tatsuya apparently being labeled a Gun God (image within ED#2). Kind of fitting.

The Irregular at Magi High School-Opening [OP] Theme song

#2: Grilleto by Garnidelia

The Irregular at Magic High School OP

No comment on the OP.

The Irregular at Magi High School-Ending [ED] Theme song
The Irregular at Magic High School ED

#2:  Mirror by Rei Yasuda

No comment on the ED, either. Sorry guys.

The Irregular at Magic High School (26 episodes)


Director: Manabu Ono

Magic–A century has passed since this concept has been recognized as a formal technology instead of the product of the occult or folklore. The brother, with a somewhat philosophical expression, and the younger sister who holds feelings a little stronger than sibling love for him…Ever since these two have entered through the gates of this prestigious school, the calm campus was beginning to change… 

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

(Anime Planet)

Animation Production : Madhouse Studios

The Characters

Saori Hayami-Miyuki Shiba
Yūichi Nakamura-Tatsuya Shiba

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  1. I’m with you on the over technical explanations regarding their magic usage. It eats up quite a bit of time and in the end, I feel like I still don’t understand it since a lot of the science behind it is only relevant to their magical world anyways.

    The competition was flashy and pretty fun to watch but I’m hoping they get more into the conflicts/politics outside of their school life since that appears to be where they’re building up to (with all of Tatsuya’s non-school acquaintances popping up!)


    • Exactly! Those overly technical details are quite unnecessary. Good point. The political conflicts are interesting. Now that you mention it, it would be nice to see more of that.


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