First Look-Black Butler 3: Book of Circus

Clumsy as always Part 1-Black Butler 3 Episode 1

Judging from the first episode the series wanted to establish a feeling of the old Black Butler anime franchise but…. Well, it kind of felt disjointed.

Black Butler 3: Book of Circus

Black Butler 3 2014 anime series

The TV series will adapt the Noah’s Ark Circus Arc, picking the manga story back up from the point at which they diverged. This arc immediately follows the Curry Contest Arc in the manga, which ended at episode 15 in the first season of the anime.

Director: Noriyuki Abe

Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures,

Genre: Supernatural, Fantasy-Dark Fantasy, Action

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: FUNimation Entertainment

A brief review/recap for Black Butler 3: Book of Circus Episode 1. Please take care in reading since it may contain some minor spoilers, so if your spoiler sensitive make sure you use caution while reading posts on this blog. Not many for this first look.

Available to Watch: FUNIMATION | Simulcast on Thursdays 3:25 pm EDT

Bear in mind that it was only the first episode and you can’t ever truly get the feeling for how an anime series will turn out especially because even if it turns out well for a time,the final episode, does actually make or break a series. Refer to Brynhildr in the Darkness anime series’ fall from grace unfortunately especially since had high hopes for it. Unless an anime series is comedy and or romance usually this rule doesn’t really apply all that much. Seeing as Black Butler is a supernatural, dark fantasy type of series the final episodes will definitely make it or break it.

The disconnect in the first look came as there was a noticeable feeling that Sebastian’s interactions seemed overly forced. Also a big put off was that too much was focused on a mundane characteristic of Sebastian always having to clean after Ciel’s other servants that relates to his butler status. It was too unnecessary to a certain point. This causes the atmosphere of Black Butler 3 to lose focus. It is not until the end of the episode we get a close reflection to the past incarnations of the Black Butler anime series franchise.

After initially viewing Black Butler 3, Episode 1 came to see that the directors of all the Black Butler anime series franchise have always been different lead chief directors but whereas Black Butler and Black Butler 2 fitted together in an almost seamless fashion in mood and tone, Black Butler 3, thus far just does not. It has a different mood entirely. If that is bad, who knows.

One major thing to bring up for Black Butler 3, Episode 1 was the animation quality. Just having seen Black Butler and Black Butler 2 the animation quality was always high but with Black Butler 3, Episode 1 it looked very much downgraded. It seemed somewhat poorly animated. The character designs were good as always but they didn’t seem to be worth much when the animation is not up to par. It was noticeable in how it lacked.

I want to remain optimistic but as a person have always remained a contradiction where usually want to have high hopes with a series but at the same time usually remain ever alert for the tell-tale signs of an incoming anime ending disaster which can take the enjoyment out of watching an anime avidly. One has to wonder if Noriyuki Abe ,the talented director of Bleach, can pull through on this project.

There are some signs that point to some very real disconnect with the series but it could still turn out well. It is too early to tell since with an anime series closer to the third or fourth episode it becomes much easier to tell where a story’s direction will lead. For the most part, in any case, so let us hope this new installment of the Black Butler anime franchise turns out well.

Personal Attachment with the Black Butler anime franchise

Favorite anime adaptation: Black Butler 2 (Director: Hirofumi Ogura)

Enjoyed the anime adaptation: Black Butler (Director: Toshiya Shinohara)

Sorting through. Status: Unsure. Not looking good right now: Black Butler 3: Book of Circus (Director: Noriyuki Abe)

Black Butler 3: Book of Circus will only be getting this First Look as coverage on the blog. A complete series review later though is planned.

Black Butler 3: Book of Circus-Opening [OP] Theme song


Black Butler 3 OP

The OP has fantastic visuals and the music and singing by SID is worthy of being used for Black Butler 3: Book of Circus. A J-rock band is best suited to a dark series like Black Butler.

Personal favorite right now. I have other OPs and EDs love but this is memorable.

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