A Mekakucity Actors (2014) Anime Series Review

Mekakucity Actors 2014 Anime series

Mekakucity Actors did live up to a few high expectations and some not so much and always remaining confusing even leading up to the end.

Making it one of: The Most Terrible (Not Palatable) Anime of 2014 Experienced

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First off to disclose when it came to Mekakucity Actors never even touched the novels, songs?, and or other media connected to this series, so what knowledge have is with concern to this anime series only. And any way, if your reading anything on this blog it is probably for reviews or information on anime or manga, right? Well I hope, so because that is what this blog, is pretty much about.

The series for that reason holds its own with the fact that while when it came to the animation many parallels were made to the Bakemonogatori anime series. A series have seen and, yes, in regards to the animation some parallels are there but other than that your getting a whole different monster.

While at first had some small doubts about the series from what wrote in the first look over time it managed to surprise and give viewers a story to get behind on.

The little stories at the end of each episode as in the end credits by Episode 10 become majorly important in understanding the phenomenon of those with the red eyes who have these almost supernatural abilities. The concealing eyes and all.

The serpents-Mekakucity Actors anime series review [The Huge Anime Fan]

The little Monster-Mekakucity Actors anime series review [The Huge Anime Fan]

 The animation never stopped being really impressive even once. While have seen the animation of Bakemonogatori think like the animation for Mekakucity Actors more.

Snakes in Mekakucity Actors take a very dark place in the world of Mekakucity Actors. From gifting or cursing kids like those in the Mekakushi Dan with supernatural abilities but even betraying their masters.

The series while only viewing the first episodes and even up to Episode 7 can get confusing once you actually completely watch it up to episode 8 and beyond many of the little character story arcs begin to make perfect sense. There is an overarching story not just connected to the characters but in connection with this unique supernatural serpent legend that appears later on. If you thought you should give up on Mekakucity Actors because of its early episodes, think again! The way the story progresses later on is genius and quite seriously those working on the series probably did know what they were doing with writing the story’s progression. It was incredible storytelling at work albeit very irregular that somehow worked.

Some of the key character stories probably as a viewer enjoyed were the relationship between Shintaro and Ayano which does get touched on but much later in the series. One where it may not have been as complicated as it first seemed. It may have been much more complicated on how Kano felt toward his adopted sister, Ayano, where his feelings seem very obviously romantic and he shows instances of jealousy. While the series has romantic relationships it also covers your regular friendships and even family relationships.

A thing to realize about this series is that it tends to turn into a musical at times with some songs of the characters or from the original media project. This happens because apparently this series came out originally from a song project. So while watching some episodes your getting moments where everything just bursts into song. Personally, it was one quality I very much could not enjoy but when you have so much key ingredients to this anime series working well for the most part, well, it can be overlooked.

Even if throughout checking out this series I found moments of confusion at first just watching the characters’ stories and how the warm interactions are handled was captivating, so even if you feel lost you will be entertained immensely.

It is still a series that is hard to watch on a weekly basis because of its high suspense and penchant for cliff-hangers. An anime series like Mekakucity Actors is better left for watching in one shot through a marathon but even so you must be aware that you’ll have to suspend disbelief since toward the end, so much is still confounding and rather iffy.

Recommended Level: So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Why? It brings up more questions than it answers. Still for me personally did enjoy it enough and think have come up with how it all connects enough that is wasn’t a complete waste of anime watching time but if you feel a very, very confounding anime series is not your thing then you probably should avoid it. You’ll be left with a feeling of wanting more explanations to events in the series particularly toward the end and a headache over wanting to rationalize certain events.

Recommendation Tiers

Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

Mekakucity Actors (12 episodes)

Mekakucity Actors-2014 Anime Series

Director: Akiyuki Simbo

The incidents which occurred on August 14th and 15th bring a group of young boys and girls together… They are members of a group they call themselves the “Mekakushi Dan” (Blindfold Organization) and each member possesses a strange power involving their eyes.

Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Supernatural, Romance

(Anime Planet)

Animation Production : Shaft

The Characters

Takuma Terashima-Shintaro Kisaragi
Mai Nakahara-Ayano Tateyama
Shinnosuke Tachibana Shuuya Kano
Kana AsumiEne
Mamoru Miyano – Konoha
Yuko KaidaTsubomi Kido
Kana HanazawaMarry Kozakura
Misuzu Togashi-Hibiya Amamiya
Nanami KashiyamaMomo Kisaragi
Souichiro Hoshi Kousuke Seto

Mekakucity Actors-Main [OP] Opening Theme Song

Daze by Jin featuring Maria from Garnidelia

Mekakucity Actors Episode 1-OP theme song

Main OP used in most but not all episodes.

Mekakucity Actors-Main [ED] Ending Theme Song

Days by Jin feauturing Lia

Mekakucity Actors ED

Main ED used in most but not all episodes.

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