First Look-Ao Haru Ride + Episode 2-3 Anime Review

Futaba meets Ko for the first time-Ao Haru Ride Episode 1

Ao Haru Ride-2014 Director: Ai Yoshimura| Animation Studio: Production I.G.

A brief review/recap for Ao Haru Ride Episode 1-3. Please take care in reading since it may contain some minor spoilers, so if your spoiler sensitive make sure you use caution while reading posts on this blog. Still for this review covearge tried hard to keep spoilers to the bare minimum as always.

FIRST LOOK-While the initial premise of Ao Haru Ride leads you to believe that Futaba and Ko have had a falling out with their relationship that is not the case. Still what is the actual setup is still worthy of attention especially if your interested in romance when it comes to your anime.

Futaba meets Ko for the first time during a rainy day. They both shyly look at each other even at school but never have the courage to actually approach each other until one day Futaba gathers her courage to do so. Ko agrees to go out with her but then he never shws up for their date. He soon also transfer schools and she doesn’t see him again. Years go by and they are now in high school. Futaba has decided to change and lives by new rules she has set for herself. These rules don’t make her happy though and it takes the reappearance of Ko back in her life for her to realize just how much she dislikes her life now.

I’m not sure what it is but the first episode was mostly centered around flashbacks. While it could become easily boring that is not what happens. Instead we see what I call “voice actors who are very talented at play”. A lot of the interactions between Ko and Futaba are very ackward. For you to get the idea of just how ackward they are it would have to be that even as you view an episode of the anime series you will be blushing all over the place. A lot. Ko and Futaba interact in a playful and teasing manner most of the time.

The story while not overly impressive is still worthy of attention because of how it really captures young romantic love in this very shy manner bordering on awkward which makes sense since when young people are young they are never adept at romantic relationships perfectly. The unique animation may also standout considering it is done by Production I.G. I’m not entirely sure have seen this type of animation before that is almost like a water color painting at times. It works well for this series that is a romance anime series so probably given to more care-free moments. While the Opening Theme Song and Ending Theme Song don’t really have that much of a distinct quality to them it still has a strong core story going for it and a very talented voice acting cast that it really makes no difference.

EPISODE 2 REVIEW-Futaba mainly has a clash with her so-called friends. At this point of the series quite frankly her friends were irritating me and I just wished the writer or those working on the series would make it so I wouldn’t have to see her so-called friends which really tells you just how talented the voice actresses are if they can sound this nasty and irritating.

Mental picture of Ko inside Futaba's mind-Ao Haru Ride Episode 2

Cute Yuuri-Ao Haru Ride Episode 2

Ko shows up and as it has now seemingly become a running piece where he gives her more advice and yet again makes Futaba reflect on her life and try to change things in her life. He continues to it in a very off-hand way but nonetheless it has an effect on her. Something just tells you that Ko is almost like someone who tries to help Futaba be truthful to herself. It seems like they have an interesting back and forth relationship.

EPISODE 3 REVIEW-Futaba, Ko, Shuuko, Yuuri, and Aya somehow by fate or coincidence end up on Student Coucil Committee in their class. Aya sees as a chance to get closer to Shuuko. From seeing the episode though it seems everyone has their own idea in how this reunion will bring them closer to each other. Thanks to this foreshadowing you can already almost see that this may not play out to how Aya or Futaba expect though. You can see some relationship drama waiting in the wings in Ao Haru Ride. So far, the anime series with three episodes in has a well-established story direction that is tantalizing.

Ao Haru Ride (12 episodes)

Blue Spring Ride (English name)

Ao Haru Ride 2014 anime series

At the end of her first year of high school, the main heroine, Futaba suddenly has a chance encounter with her first love, Tanaka Kou. Three years ago, he transferred schools before she was able to say how she felt about him. After meeting each other again, Futaba realizes that he has gone through many changes. He acts more cool and even had his last name changed to Mabuchi. Gradually the two rekindle their love while piecing together what had happened in the time that they were apart.

Director: Ai Yoshimura

Animation Studio: Production I.G.

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: Streaming with Crunchyroll. Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

A brief review/recap for Ao Haru Ride Episode 1-3. Please take care in reading since it may contain some minor spoilers, so if your spoiler sensitive make sure you use caution while reading posts on this blog. Still for this review covearge tried hard to keep spoilers to the bare minimum as always.

Available to Watch: | Simulcast on Mondays 2:30 pm EDT

Ao Haru Ride Episode 1-3-Review

Ko messing with Futaba-Ao Haru Ride Episode 1

Trying to tell it as honestly as possible

The characters are pretty interesting. Ko (Voice actor Yuki Kaji known for his lead roles in Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown, The Hentai Prince and The Stony Cat) is one of those very shy guys. How strange to really see an anime character like this who is awkward but still you get to see him grow and still be like that but see a matured side. Meanwhile Maaya Uchida (Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds) also gives her best well-adjusted high school girl performance as Futaba. Really well-developed characterization from the start. I am wondering though if this is due perhaps on the part of Yuki Kaji’s and Maaya Uchida’s voice acting as well. Who knows perhaps both the individuals working on the project and just these very talented voice actors have given this extra dimension to the series.

While the animation find the best way to say this would be quite strange at times, I guess, it has to be because have never really seen this type of animation. As I mentioned before it has this bizzare although not unattractive water-colory texture to it.

The TV animation, Ao Haru Ride, has some very fleshed out characters and the story does have an almost realistic portrayal of high school life that it warrants some attention if this is the genre for you.

BTW: I might have also began the manga and is it ever good! Very cute and adorable not just with the romance but even Ko and Aya’s friendship. I usually stick to the anime, so it is pretty rare for a manga series to call me away from the delectable thing that is anime. I might yet continue to read more of it.

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) will only be getting this First Look and 2-3 Anime Review as coverage on the blog. Plans for a complete anime series review have been stalled. Still a full anime series review might still happen but when is yet to be decided.

Ao Haru Ride-Opening [OP] Theme song

Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru by CHiCO with HoneyWorks

Ao Haru Ride OP

No real remark for the OP of the series.

Ao Haru Ride-Ending [ED] Theme song

Blue by Fujifabric

Ao Haru Ride ED

No comment when it comes to the ED, either.

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