Re: Hamatora Episode 2-5 Anime Review + Theories

Art speaking with the Freemum group Part 3-Re Hamatora Episode 5

Friendships don’t require contracts. So there is no such thing as betrayal.-Art in Re: Hamatora Episode 5

EPISODE 2-While in Episode 1 as viewers we might not have been aware of whether or not Art may be a villian or not in this Episode are worst fears were realized. Art somehow gives no indication of why he is trying to attack the Facultas Academy minimum agency. His goals nothing. One thin is clear though. He is actually considering and openly stating to Nice that he’ll kill him.

Art's Student ID-Re Hamatora Episode 2

At the same time there is a more in-depth look at how much Art has changed. If you thought his minimum ability was regenaration, well, by now you most certainly should know that is not the only thing. There is a glimpse into just how much Art is altering his body. Great lenghths that seem to take a toll on his body for a short while until his body adapts to everything via his main minimum ability, regeneration. It is during these moments you further see the animation which is a collaboration effort by Lerche and NAZ.

EPISODE 3-I am not sure when but maybe since Episode 2 there is a definite point when you begin to get the feeling that Season 2 of Hamatora will not be as light as Season 1. Things will get serious and someone maybe your favorite anime character may die.

The episode gets very dark as we see just how far Art is willing to go to reach his goal(s) which he just wont confide on to anyone he has been close to in the past. Mainly Nice. Nice is worried but he can’t do much of anything when his friend just refuses help. You can’t exactly help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, after all.

What lighthearted-ness-Re Hamatora Episode 3

500 yen coin-Re Hamatora Episode 3

Through flashbacks we also see Art’s seeming sadness and reflection on how him and Art once wanted freedom to see the world beyond Facultas Academy as kids but sadly that dream would never become reality because of them both. Nice eventually is lured in by sweets and also nearby comfort that he forgets his words to Art about rejecting Facultas Acedemy’s ideals. You almost get a sense he might hold a bit of resentment over that at Nice but also a feeling of sadness since he still thinks back on those times.

Little Nice and Art talking-Re Hamatora Episode 3

So cute. Art and Nice as kids.-Re Hamatora Episode 3Art feeling nostalgic-Re Hamatora Episode 3

EPISODE 4-Honey’s father known as Doktor makes an appearance. Now in Re: Hamatora besides the general public feeling untrusting of minimum users it has become apparent even Facultas Acedmy is distrusting of them too despite them raising them so to speak. Facultas Academy is bringing in Doktor out from seclusion for the very reason of taming minimum users.

Honey’s job now turns into guarding her father from some of the Freemum group’s growing agressive activity but things don’t turn out too well as the Hamatora minimum users develop some debilitating side effects.

EPISODE 5-Friendships don’t require contracts. So there is no such thing as betrayal. I don’t think there have ever been more epic words spoken before in anime that sounded just so self-gratifying for a main antagonist/anti-hero than maybe perhaps Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebelllion.

Some episodes back we might have seen that Art has been having some painful looking minimum injection sessions but have to say in Season 1 it was mentioned minimum users can’t house various minimum in their bodies or they’ll die. Since Art hasn’t had any adverse effects because of his regenartion ability this might mean he is in a very unique position to harvest many, many minimum abilities within his body. If that is the case then Nice and Murasaki and the rest of Hamatora might have a problem on their hands.

Murasaki can cook!-Re Hamatora Episode 5

Murasaki can cook!-Re: Hamatora Episode 5

Murasaki does the laundry too!-Re Hamatora Episode 5

One thing that occured this episode was Art commits his first real sin. Finally pushing Nice to make a decision in how he is going to begin to seriously deal with Art.

Re: Hamatora Final Thoughts on Episode 2-5-Review

Re Hamatora Episode 5 halfway interval card

The series since Episode 2 onwards has gotten very compelling time and time again. The focus has now always been Art and Nice’s ongoing clash which from my point of view has always been where the focus should have been. The series is keeping the small cases that usually don’t have anything to do with the bigger picture and story at a minimum. That is good because we don’t want to become consumed by that since while some cases can be made to be full of fun comedy they don’t contribute to the mystery of why Art has decided to turn to more criminal activities. Particularly since he has was once a detective. Now that Re: Hamatora Episode 5 has begun simulcasting one thing is certain and that is Nice is going to clash with Art without more hesitation. Finally!

Animation has actually improved since Season 1. It looks smooth and seamless unlike how Season 1’s while creative did seem sometimes awkward. Not one episode with Re: Hamatora has shown that awkwardness seen in Season 1. Not that it was bad in Season 1 but with Season 2 your getting an animation experience on a whole new level. It might be for that reason that sometimes have to restrain myself from peppering these Re: Hamatora reviews with so many beautiful animation shots from the series. Some of the best scenes yet are of Art injecting himself and activating minimum abilities on his body.

Re: Hamatora has only gotten better since Season 2 if that is possible. A thing that has also come to my attention with Season 2 is that each episode transition is being done smoothly from one episode to episode, so for the most part your never really getting nail-biting cliff-hangers. While this season following Free! Eternal Summer, Tokyo Ghoul, Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun, and Love Stage!! as my top anime favorites this Summer 2014, well, Re: Hamatora also deserves a special place within all these anime series. It has managed to continue to elaborate on the world of Hamatora. Meanwhile it has added some new mysteries to be seen from Art’s minset change and a mysterious character or entity only known as Saikyou.

Saikyou Theories?: None but trust me working on them.


Re: Hamatora (13 episodes)

Re Hamatora-2014 anime series [The Huge Anime Fan-WP]

“Minimum”— Otherwise known as “small miracles”, is a special power that only manifests within a few, select humans. Those who possess this ability are called “Minimum Holders.” 2014: Yokohama. The detective duo of Nice and Murasaki, otherwise known as “Hamatora,” wait again today for work with their friends at a table at Cafe Nowhere that they use as their agency. Suddenly, a job they receive seems to have a weird connection with the serial killer that their police friend, Art is searching for.

Director: Seiji Kishi

Animation Studio: Lerche, NAZ

Genre: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Science Fiction

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: None except streaming with Crunchyroll

Available to Watch: | Simulcast on Mondays 2: 05 pm EDT

Re: Hamatora-[OP] Opening Theme Song 

Sen no Tsubasa by Livetune adding Takuro Sugawara (from 9mm Parabellum Bullet)

The second OP by Livetune!

Re: Hamatora-[ED] Ending Theme Song 

Brand New World by ayami (Chiyuu from Hamatora and Re: Hamatora)

Very sad but cute song with good-looking visuals.


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  1. I’m definitely finding the second season to be an improvement over the first! As you mentioned not only has the animation gotten better (I remember plenty of derpy shots or shoddy animation!), but it looks like we have an actual storyline to follow. The first season had a bunch of episodic stories that kind related back to Moral but felt like filler (at least to me) for the most part.

    This Saikyou definitely has my curiosity, but I’m still interested in figuring who that female (the one who worked with Moral) back in s1 is. They never really touched on her but she seemed to be pretty important.


    • The animation! Yes. So lovely. The episodes in Season 1 did feel episodic. I think that too even if enjoyed watching Hamatora.

      The lady with Moral. I don’t think they ever even returned to her story. I wonder if she has something to do with this Saikyou. If she does not sure that is exactly a good thing.


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