Reflection: Yaoi/BL anime and why all the bother? |Extended Edition

The Huge Anime Fan

My tastes encompass all types of anime genres. Like I tell my younger brother who have converted into a fellow anime fan there are just so many types of phenomenal anime out there it is hard to pick which one is one’s favorite so it is good to experiment. As a fan experiment I have. Of course. Harem. Reverse harem. Shonen-ai. Fantasy. Slice of Life. Romance. That about covers it. I will soon probably try yuri just for the heck of it. Yes yuri. I like to experiment so I try to expand my tastes when it comes to anime. Although my favorite is probably mecha anime and some stuff in the Psychological or Science Fiction genre with good action.

Quite a while back while checking out the comments section online where watch anime came along a puzzling comment. “If this turns into yaoi I’m totally gone”. Those are not the exact words but they are close. It is not the first time have noticed that many anime fans just seem to shrink from the very idea of BL(Boy’s Love)/yaoi anime invasion.

When Free! first released many people online who were female fans seem to explode with happiness while the mostly (but I’m sure not all) male fans went on to moan and complain. Free! wasn’t even BL/yaoi although some imagination from fans could get it there. I find it very confounding since anime should be a place where the tastes of all anime fans should be respected and given the attitude to “each his own”. Instead many who are very obviously male anime fans seem to outright hack and complain at the prospect of an anime turning BL/yaoi which is soon followed by very homophobic tendencies and a tad mean-spirited comments. Ok, ok. Yaoi and its variations that are in whole Boy’s Love anime where in general may be targeted with a select audience in mind. Still a lot of the yaoi appreciation should just be seen as another form and aspect of the medium especially with the rampant circulation of harem anime geared to obviously guys like: Highshool of the Dead (have you seen Busujima in an apron?), Strike the Blood, and Qwaser of Stigmata. To be fair I love Qwaser of Stigmata! Great series now if only they would continue it into a Season 3.

Busujima from Highschool of the Dead anime series

Well here you go! Have your look of Busujima in a white apron.

These titles are just a few examples. I mean all these above anime series actually love and would never try to say something along the lines of “If i see anymore girls throwing themselves at the main guy or boobs or panty shots I’m not going to be watching any longer”. I would never say such a thing. I would continue to watch and just mark it off as something found to my tastes or not. If was asked later would say my reasons why it stuck to me well or not. Still a lot of this courtesy from guys who watch anime does not seem to happen.

07-Ghost again like the Free! anime series not officially yaoi but guy on guy close relationships exist

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes some who are affronted by BL/yaoi anime even go so far as say some harsher and more mean-spirited things. Granted even if it as some say it is about the “gay issue”. It is not completely that! We are all anime fans and we should at least respect the various genres in anime that exist that makes each and every anime fan happy. It is also not all about the male and female anime fan differences. It is all about learning to keep one’s thoughts to themselves if discontent exists for a series not by judging a series as a whole or its content but just because it is something known as BL/yaoi. It is about being respectful. We are all anime fans and we all love anime so there should be no tension between us. If anything we should try to broaden our horizons when it comes to anime. There is a lot of anime out there and who knows maybe something you may have always thought was not your thing may become your thing. Maybe or maybe not. After all, there are so many anime series out there especially underrated ones.

Many say the female audience is not as large as the male anime fan audience which may be the reason more male anime fans feel the need to believe they are the only ones which anime is geared toward. One of these contributing factors is the fact that there is a very present discord with female and male anime fans where one side is too vocal in the male anime fan area and the other is not. It seems plausible that female anime fans may not be prevalent if their male counterparts are just there to balk at the anime they enjoy. It could be a reason for the answer of why there are more hardcore male anime fans than hardcore female anime fans.

Perhaps some female anime fans may just decide to be less vocal at times. So where are all the female anime fans? We might just have part of the answer. Although we should be aware that there are female anime fans and they are watching so being courteous should be a must. Also, the Japanese market for anime and manga is not the only one! If there is anything that Anime-Manga Guardians Project recently 2013-2014 has shown is that the industry in Japan does care for the North American Anime and Manga market. Therefore it would be pointless to say that female anime fans hardly matter to the market considering there are quite the number of female anime fans particularly in North America. When it comes to gender it hardly matters since people are watching anime or reading manga regardless of gender or even actual age for that matter.

Edited on July 1. 2015