Unravel by TK (Toru Kitajima) from Ling Tosite Sigure CD Single Review

Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure Limited Edition CD Arrived!

I have only ever been initiated into hearing Ling Tosite Sigure’s music from their single for the anime series Psycho-Pass. A series that I also happen to be absolutely obsessed over. I think part of my love for the anime series might be they had a hand in the opening theme song (OP), Abnormalize.

This Summer 2014 actually been following the anime series Tokyo Ghoul and heard something that resembled the music seen in Psycho-Pass’s first OP, so I was interested to see how it would sound. Sounds deeply emotional and beautiful! TK otherwise known as Toru Kitajima’s Unravel may actually sound better than Abnormalize or at the very least is much more powerful. I feel the need to compare them since it has tones reminiscent of Abnormalize but probably because TK was singing back then in the Abnormalize single too.

This is actually noted as Toru Kitajima’s individual work on a single for an anime television series unlike when he is the vocalist in the band, Ling Tosite Sigure. If he can do more music like this by himself then I really hope he does more. Unravel is a song I really wanted to go out there and buy as fast as possible. Too good! Once it arrived via mail order it actually came with a few extra songs which was a plus! This was my first CD from Japan have ever bought. I don’t usually make it a thing to buy CDs to soundtrack have come across in anime but Toru Kitajima’s singing voice is that exception and also this was the Limited Edition anime version CD single that came with illustrated work by Sui Ishida: See Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

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Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure Anime Limited Edition CD 

Comtrya Sugoi notes that this version of the Unravel single is an illustrated jacket cover by Sui Ishida available through September 2014. Sui Ishida being the original mastermind behind Tokyo Ghoul with his manga series.

-Has a dark black packaging with artwork that looks like something seen from the Tokyo Ghoul anime series
-The disc itself looks very sophisticated in red and black

1 Unravel
2 Fu re te Fu re ru
3 Acoustic Installation
4 Unravel TV Edit

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TK-Toru Kitajima Music Artist Biography

Toru Kitajima

TK’s Official Website: http://tkofficial.jp/

Find out More: last.fm

Composer/Songwriter | Singer | Guitarist

From Ling Tosite Sigure to TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. A band who is remarked as possessing post-hardcore and progressive rock connections. TK’s real name is Toru Kitajima. He writes the lyrics and music to all of Ling Tosite Sigure‘s songs as well as for his solo work. When performing music in the band he provides lead vocals and plays the guitar. He also helps with sound engineering, mixing and mastering. In 2012, under the name TK from Ling tosite sigure, he released his first solo album “Flowering”.

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