Advice on How to Go About Buying Anime Opening and Ending Theme Songs

Enamel by SID Regular Edition

Enamel by SID Regular Edition | Other options available: Limited Edition Digipak and Photobook

So you have listened to perhaps some of the best anime opening or ending theme songs out there in your favorite anime series. You cannot get a certain anime opening (OP) or ending theme song (ED) out of your head. Your wondering how do I get my hands on the opening theme song or ending theme songs I am so enamored with. It is pretty easy believe it or not but it will take some research and also the idea of knowing that you most certainly would not find it on Itunes (US) under the key searches of ex: Black Butler 3: Book of Circus anime music or soundtrack.

Fear not though you can get you music digitally on your Ipod/Mp3 player and or in CD format if you so choose. Just know you will be heading to for your purchases. Itunes may have some songs if you’re lucky but chances are if you did search you get zero results. it is.

Digital Option- Opening and Ending Theme Songs 

Going back to Black Butler 3: Book of Circus if you are looking for the OP. Doing some research should give you the band which is SID. The song Enamel. The main keywords to search on (US) would be Enamel SID. For this example you could find it digitally or as a CD.

* Japan might also be another option. Just know Amazon (US) gift cards do not work on Japan* offers Mp3s for anime opening or ending theme songs. They do but often very limited. Good thing opening theme songs usually are referred to as singles. You should realize that opening theme songs and ending theme songs are like any other type of music or song. They are performed by music artists or bands or in some rare cases by voice actors or voice actresses as a tie-in to an anime series. For that reason all it takes is to do some research online of the bands or singers who worked on the OPs or EDs for a given anime series. Some good sources would be: Comtrya Sugoi, My Anime List, and even Youtube.

* With My Anime List be sure to scroll down and look carefully for the OP or ED*

Comtrya Sugoi usually is better since they go in-depth on the releases. What happens with OPs or EDs is that they are referred to as Singles which are releases by musical artists or bands in multiple releases such as Regular Edition, Limited Edition, Digipak, and or Photobook. Photobook actually is one type you don’t usually see much done domestically in the United States. Basically you are getting a real treat if you want to get a deeper look to your favorite singers or bands. A lot of these versions vary not only in price but also in content (could have different songs or different artwork covers).

Physical Format CD Option- Opening and Ending Theme Songs 

Just in how states they do try to stock their website with as much items as possible and that includes imports from another country entirely. Thanks to this you wont have a hard time finding Japan CDs you may be searching for. If you want to buy theme songs you really want then there are quite the choices. There are sellers from Japan who ship to the US. From here suggest you buy from Japan origin sellers just for product authencity. Prices are pretty reasonable but if you’re seeking to get better deals then CDJapan or YesAsia might be your next choices. I would still suggest (US) because of their guarantee policy and also it will be much more English friendly and you will still be getting what you are looking for. Just know you have options.

With stuff like OPs and EDs know they are known as Singles or Intro or Outro. Intro is Opening Theme Song. Outro is Ending Theme Song. Something known as Anime Soundtrack means the background music used on an anime series for a particular episode but not necessarily the OP or ED.

If had to choose which option to go would recommend the CD over digital. Particularly since Singles are way cheaper than a whole CD album. The artwork particularly for anime version singles are very creatively done but again maybe you like going digital. Just be aware that sometimes the digital options are not available for a song from your favorite anime series, so you will be forced to go with the CD option. In the end, though it is not too hard to get ahold of your favorite anime or ending theme songs if you just do some research.

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