That’s Right! Tokyo Ghoul FUNIMATION Episodes Streaming Uncensored!

NEWS: Tokyo Ghoul will be available September 22. 2015 for purchase in North America thanks to FUNimation Entertainment. You can now pre-order the series and likely without all that censoring many complain about: DVD/BD combo release, limited edition release, and collector’s edition release. Moreover, Robert’s Anime Corner Store is offering the Collector’s Edition for a short time at $76.98.

Something that have actually come across thinking for some time now is that Tokyo Ghoul as simulcasted currently during the Summer 2014 Anime Season has never been censored by FUNimation Entertainment. Many fans keep on driving circles around the idea that FUNimation is perhaps censoring the more violent scenes of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series but you know what? I think the neon-blue lighting which I find creative may just have always been part of the animation direction. Perhaps if it is airing censored even in Japan then in the future when it gets released in home video in the US it is likely we will know if it was censored or not for everyone while broadcasting but for now at least FUNimation is not involved with changing anything from what the licensors are giving them to simulcast in the US.

Now at least for viewers checking out the Tokyo Ghoul anime series in North America via FUNIMATION then rest easy in knowing it is not being censored. It is simulcating fully un-censored by FUNimation at least. FUNimation’s social media representative(s) also had more to say in that it is airing just as it is in Japan. So we are all getting the same product here. Who knows perhaps it is censored but I also throw into the mix that this might just be an artistic liberty on the animators’ end.

FUNimation not censoring Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul FUNIMATION banner


3 thoughts on “That’s Right! Tokyo Ghoul FUNIMATION Episodes Streaming Uncensored!

  1. Well, this is still crap, Funimation is still censoring most if not all the parts that even have blood in them. Go watch the uncensored, theres plenty of match ups on youtube. Bloggers not doing research?


    • I do not watch anything that is unofficial when it comes to anime so I would not know about any uncensored episodes on Youtube or other illegal anime watching channels. I guess someone is up to non-legal anime watching ways it seems.

      Either way once the home video release comes out that should not be a real problem. Since if there is censoring going on then it will be taken out. I can’t wait since I would love to own the Tokyo Ghoul anime series on DVD and Tokyo Ghoul A. Tokyo Ghoul A from what currently seeing on FUNimation is as good as Tokyo Ghoul.


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