The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist September 2014

Anime still continuing with a passion and deep interest. All of it based on animation first and foremost, story concept, voice acting level in a series, character interest, and music.

Summer 2014 Newly Airing 

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 9

1. Free! Eternal Summer

2. Re: Hamatora

3. Love Stage!!

4. Tokyo Ghoul

5. Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

6. Black Butler 3: Book of Circus

7. Tokyo ESP

8. Ao Haru Ride

9. Space Dandy Season 2


Spring 2014 Anime Series Continued

Haikyu!! Episode 22

1. Haikyu!!

2. The Irregular at Magic High School



1. M3 (Spring 2014 Anime Series)

2. No Game No Life | Just not such an interesting story concept despite the gorgeous highly innovative and colorful animation (Spring 2014 Anime Series)

3. Aldnoah. ZeroAniplex USA affiliation makes me draw away from it since wont ever be able to afford in home media if released. If do love it once actually watch. Since it will lead nowhere why watch? The Irregular is Aniplex USA affiliated but cannot help myself.

4. Sword Art Online 2 Aniplex USA affiliation makes me draw away from it since wont ever be able to afford in home media if released. If do love it once actually watch. Since it will lead nowhere why watch? Also not sure like where the direction of the story will take. Happy to have seen Season 1 and satisfied with that.


The Summer 2014 Anime Season is close to drawing to a close and it almost feels like time flew by since there were so many good anime series this season. More so than with the Spring 2014 Anime Season which held let-downs with: Black Bullet (horrible series that bordered on tedious despite beautiful animation), and Brynhildr in the Darkness (with a crazy ending). With Brynhildr in the Darkness hated Kazumi so much she should have just died the way she was supposed to instead of this out of nowhere miraculous resurrection she had. Horrible anime series. Spring 2014 had many unimpressive anime series except in my book The Irregular and Haikyu!! The true beauties of the Spring 2014 Anime Season.

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5 thoughts on “The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist September 2014

  1. I can’t believe you dropped Aldnoah and SAO II. They have so much entertainment value.

    However, I totally agree that Free! S2 is gold (don’t tell anyone I said that though!). I also like Love Stage and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun.

    At this stage, I’m probably going to stop watching these airing anime and wait for them to finish. The worst suspense is always at the end so I’m gonna focus on my backlog for a while. I’ll go back to summer 2014 in 3-4 weeks probably. I just hate waiting, especially when there are so many good shows. Not even sure I can stay away for so long (‘:


    • Black Ragdoll ,yep, it was a hard choice to make but I know those series are probably going to be grabbed by Aniplex of America and they are known to price their home video releases be it DVD or Blu-ray very expensively. I understand they are a company but I don’t approve of their pricing model. I actually buy all the anime I really, really love on home media once it releases in the US, so when they have very high prices I can’t afford that anime really love.
      Has happened with: Sword Art Online (Season 1), Blue Exorcist, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (Season 1 and Season 2), and now even Valvrave the Liberator (Season 1).

      Aldnoah. Zero and Sword Art Online 2 are sure to be series they will get the home video licenses for eventually since they are already simulcasting them. I know I wont be able to afford them, so I am not going to let myself fall in love with them just to know can’t own them on DVD or Blu-ray. It’s like knowing wasting my time seeing an anime series when time is precious and that anime has no future point for me.

      I already feel kind of guilty watching The Irregular. Aniplex of America will likely acquire it sooner or later. I know I should not be watching it but I cannot help myself. The Irregular at Magic High School is such a good series. I really love just watching it.

      LoL. I never really had concerns with Free! Eternal Summer just because it is so light-hearted. Love Stage!! was worrying with the third episode with the Ryouma and Izumi accident but it quickly picked up its act. Right now loving how it is being very creative with the animation and just how sweet the romantic love is proving. Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun though. 🙂 🙂 I just keep on laughing too much.

      Good luck with staying away from all the anime! I seriously wonder how you do it. I sure would be writhing in suspense 🙂


  2. From the summer season,I gotta admit, I’m having quite a bit of fun watching Free! It may not be the most action packed series, but it’s always nice to unwind to some swimming fun!

    Even with big action series like SAO and Aldnoah this season, I think I’m finding the slice of life and comedies the most enjoyable. Barakamon, Nozaki-kun, definitely caught me by surprise and I don’t know what I’ll do without them once the season ends…

    I’m with you on Black Bullet and Brynhildr being major let downs.

    I got so hyped for BB after seeing the PV, hearing the music, seeing the amazing animation, reading the synopsis… it seemed like it had everything to become the next big thing (maybe not as big as Attack on Titan). But then they tried to cram so much within to 1 cour, which made them cut out on a lot of details. I’m sure the source is partly to blame as well, but I couldn’t help but feel the entire series was just wasted potential.

    I read the manga for Brynhildr and actually enjoyed it, but when they tried to condense like 40-50 chapters into 2-3 episodes, they butchered (imo) the series


    • I know right, Free! Eternal Summer 🙂

      I ask myself why Black Bullet, why?!

      I actually did read the manga for Brynhildr in the Darkness. It was incredibly immersive reading material. I dove into it after liking the anime, at first, until I hated it. The manga kept getting better but stopped reading after a while and caught up to the anime series only to have the last 2 episodes be so outrageous. Just went so wrong.


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