(US) Anime Deals-Karneval: Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo

Karneval Limited Edition Front side of artbox

Karneval Limited Edition-$43.08

Time to highlight some good deals on anime. If you haven’t already read my review: Karneval right here on the blog. Then I recommend you do so to find out what this fantastic anime series is about. If you feel like you may not have the time then perhaps if you enjoyed anime in the past such as: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Black Butler, and Love Stage!! you might enjoy this too.

Karneval has very real shonen-ai vibes. Not yaoi but shonen-ai. If you are not sure what shonen-ai is then also suggest you read my research on Defining Genre Within Anime: Yaoi, Boys Love, and Shonen-ai. Back to Karneval. The anime series is $43.08. Way less than I originally bought it for at $54.00, so if this is the type of anime series you enjoy hurry because you are getting quite the deal at 38% off on (US).

Word of advice the Standard Edition costs way more, so go with the Limited Edition.

Happy saving!