Guilty Crown Part 2 Standard Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review

Guilty Crown Part 2 Standard Edition Blu-rayDVD Combo Review

In Guilty Crown Part 2, the anime series only progresses more in terms of character development and so much is revealed that don’t even know where to start. There is an establishment of what the past was like and how it all joined to the present but also it shows that with new changes happening a future that is bright can happen.

Even so the second half gets darker and more philosophical. If you’re not much for anime endings that are not happy then perhaps this is not a series for you. But then again Guilty Crown was never a super cheerful series. I mean it does have a name such as Guilty Crown. It was meant to be a mature and hardcore science fiction anime series with traces of philosophical undertones and not so much a love story despite the intriguing characters. So turning tragic was foreseeable.

This is a series that is available from FUNimation Entertainment both in subbed and dubbed versions. The Sub is my favorite. After all, there is the soft and delicate performance of Ai Kayano as Inori. Then Yuki Kaji voices Shu Ouma who I find to be most entertaining. Ai Kayano also voices Mana. In the Dubbed version there is Austin Tindle who voices Shu and he does give an equal performance to that of Yuki Kaji’s. In this anime set he even talks about how demanding it can be to voice act Shu’s more action orientated scenes in Guilty Crown alongside a fellow voice actor. This is in the Special On-Disc Extras commentary track. While Alexis Tipton does just as quiet a display for Inori as Ai Kayano. Honestly Guilty Crown is a series where FUNimation has got both the subbed version available but also a worthy dub for the series. This is especially important for a series of Guilty Crown’s stature. One anime series you do not want to have missed seeing.

A beautiful series and a legendary anime series. Just take a look at the animation and music in Guilty Crown. This pretty much completes my Guilty Crown collection. This closes the Guilty Crown Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review seen before on the blog. You can also see this same review on under Cassandra (The Huge Anime Fan).

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Romance, Mecha, Psychological Thriller

The Features:

Unlike the artbox for Part 1 Limited Edition -LE this just comes as a standard no frill Blu-ray/DVD Combo. I mostly watched the DVDs since have no Blu-ray player to speak of but if you’re one who watches Blu-ray it’s there.

Special On-Disc Extras:

  • Episode 15 commentary
  • Episode 19 commentary
  • Guilty Crown 4-panel theater
  • Episode previews
  • Textless opening songs
  • Textless ending songs
  • U.S. trailer
  • Trailers-FUNimation

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