Tokyo ESP (2014) Anime Series Review

Azuma -Tokyo ESP 11

I called it! The Two Tokyos will truly be fantastic. Tokyo ESP did manage it alongside the Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

But First.

I still cannot believe it. Feel deeply sad in one part that Tokyo ESP was overshadowed by many other anime series of the Summer 2014 Anime Season when in fact it was quite the series which embraced a very unorthodox beginning start to an anime series and somehow managed to end in perhaps much in the same way as Tokyo Ghoul where it was a start not an end. This does tend to happen and perhaps if your a longtime fan of anime you might have also seen this yourself. You will notice an anime series that is so good but just gets dismissed initially and perhaps maybe later gets a lot of attention or sometimes not all. For now, I will continue on this road of ani-blogging through The Huge Anime to try to develop interest in any anime series that might go underneath the radar of anime fans. For this time it is Tokyo ESP. Just if you’re going into this series be sure to watch start to finish to get the best effect for your anime watching investment.

The flying fish! Mystical fish.

The flying fish! Mystical fish. These can gift people with special powers. Many types of powers.

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Let’s begin the review. Shall we. Tokyo ESP had quite the start. When I first watched it on FUNIMATION I kept thinking just how different it began. While it might come off disorientating to some it actually is so fresh and new from the norm of so many anime series out there. It forces you to think and put things together rather than quickly just giving us who the main characters are. From the first episode and onwards the animation is splendid! Animated by Xebec which might have actually a good past in animating extremely well in the past. At least in Tokyo ESP, the animation experience is worth your time if your one taken in by animation of the best quality.

Still for this review I will just give you the basic setup. Rinka Urushiba is the main character. A girl who is poor and lives with her father. She lives in a regular neighborhood in Japan when she comes across Azuma. A young man who believes in justice. From first sight she falls in love with Azuma. The whole series is really more about the love Rinka has for Azuma and Azuma in turn for her and later Rinka’s examination of why she is a hero of justice. So this is more like a supernatural romance anime series! While it has a basis in connection toward her love of Azuma she also has to learn how to achieve it. All particularly because the main villains of Tokyo ESP are very strong while also having a tragic past and they will do violent things to accomplish their goals.

I like Rinka who was voiced by Ibuki Kido. A voice actress now consider one of my favorite voice actresses when it comes to anime. Yes, I mean before Tokyo ESP was not aware of this amazing voice actress. Sadly! Rinka was perhaps one of my favorite characters. She is very immature but as the series wears on she starts to realize she will need to train very hard to defeat those who are a danger to those she holds dear including Azuma.

Rinka and Azuma talking together-Tokyo ESP

Azuma was my second most favorite character since he was one of those very handsome anime guy characters like Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass, Art from Hamatora, and or Shiro from K as a few examples. In other words pretty handsome anime guys. It helped immensely that voice actor Keisuke Koumoto voiced Azuma and all the vibes you would get from the character that was Azuma was kindness and understanding. Again he was my favorite character of the series for his nurturing nature which also complimented Rinka’s noticeable vulnerability. Perhaps the last two great characters would like to showcase would be Ayumu and Master Roshi or otherwise the panda guy. More or less also Peggy the flying penguin. For Master Roshi and the flying penguin though you will have to see the series. If you do just watch it from start to end and you will not regret it.

Reason like Ayumu Oozora(And he is only a secondary character in Tokyo ESP)

CV: Megumi Ogata

Ayumu training RInka in Tokyo ESP Part 1

Ayumu training RInka in Tokyo ESP Part 2

Just the lure of food affects you. If you think so naively…

…You shouldn’t bother training to begin with! You’re so childish! Well? What about you, elementary school girl? It’s your turn next.

As if. Just kidding. No matter how I look at you, you’re not fit for battle.-Ayumu from Tokyo ESP

He is very cold at first. Until you see he does in fact mean well. Also this particular scene in Tokyo ESP Episode 7 titled Girls in the Rain was hilarious! Most of the series actually and it really has a sort of Karate Kid feel.

Ayumu walking away from Rinka-Tokyo ESP

The anime series had one top benefit and that is balanced character development easily with the story. Not one was too much. Although I think the character development for all the characters was the most fascinating aspect of the series and also, yes, very amusing. But do not be fooled. It does get darker. While the series did get serious toward the end for the entirety it had a healthy dose of entertainment on the comedy side. Of all it which was very anime original. Then again the voice acting level of the cast was pretty high, so they may have also contributed to the enjoyment of the anime series. Tokyo ESP was one of the prime reasons to have even been checking out the Summer 2014 Anime Season at all. It might have been a series that was overshadowed I feel but that seems really strange considering it actually turned out way better than some of the other better-known airing shows of Summer 2014 particularly when stacking it up against Re: Hamatora both of which deal with individuals who have special abilities.

*NOTE: A Season 2 should be in order but it does work as a standalone.*

 The Professor from Tokyo ESP

Recommendation Level: Phenomenal anime seriesVery Highly Recommended.

* Tokyo ESP Rated on AnimePlanet 5/5*

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Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

Tokyo ESP (12 episodes)

Tokyo ESP 2014 anime series

Rinka is a high school student in Tokyo trying to make ends meet while supporting herself and her father. Her ordinary life takes a turn for the extraordinary when she witnesses a penguin and a school of fish flying through the air. After catching up to one of the fish, she passes out and wakes up to find herself suddenly granted supernatural powers. With her newfound ability to walk through solid objects, Rinka is about to learn just how transparent the world can be.

Director: Shigehito Takayanagi

Animation Studio: Xebec

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: FUNimation Entertainment

Available to Watch: FUNIMATION, Crunchyroll (Select countries but not the United States)| Simulcast on Fridays 2: 05 pm EDT Tokyo ESP episodes are available on FUNIMATION to Free Subscribers a week after simulcasting for Elite Members. Free and Elite subscriptions available. You can now watch all the episodes even if you are a Free user. All 12 episodes that run around 24 minutes each.