The Huge Anime Fan Fall 2014 Anime Preview (Updated)

For whatever reason the Fall 2014 Anime Season really does not carry many anime probably will be interested in. So it appears when it comes to newly airing episodic anime reviews this Fall the blog will likely not be too active on that front. Unlike with the Summer where I was taken in by all the shiny new anime that seemed to be just about everywhere. This time it will be different. Or I hope. Stay tuned on the blog’s pages for a finalized Fall 2014 Anime Season Official Review Schedule.

Of all the anime series set to premiere sometime in the Fall only five titles have really caught my attention both in regard to how they look through promotion for the animation and the story involved. This is good actually because it means I can review things that catch my interest without feeling overwhelmed and also just keep me away from anime at least for a while especially since have begun to take an interest in reading novels more and films. Some of the works such as: The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Also I can finally get around to reading the most wonderful books have ever encountered in the Millenium Trilogy by Steig Larsson and re-watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Opening Sequence

Not having so much anime taking my time can leave me time for reading and catching up with some of the recent films to come out of Hollywood particularly with talks that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo might soon get a sequel. Good since Hollywood is not known to always churn out masterpieces in my most recent memory. Well, maybe The Amazing Spider-Man and 2009’s Start Trek film franchise.

Read about it: Director David Fincher talks about the sequel

With the very small list of anime checking out and reviewing this means probably as a blogger , I , will get to be less on a rush as I continue to blog. That means better quality reviews for everyone reading.

Fall 2014 Anime Season-The List

Anime Series Plan to Follow & Review

1. Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass Season 2 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: Production I.G.  Tatsunoko Production

Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani | Composition: Tow Ubukata | Scripts by Jun Kumagai

Season 2 of Psycho-Pass.

Genre: Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Action

Premiere Date: October 9| 2014

Psycho-Pass Season 1 , I , hold to a shiny pedestal of all that is precious when it comes to anime. It introduced me to the bands Ling Tosite Sigure (band) and in turn TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (musical artist), and Nothing’s Carved In Stone (band). Two bands and one musical artist whose music I listen to very much and if your into J-rock music could not recommend enough.

Legal anime streaming site in North America: FUNIMATION  | Source: FUNIMATION’s News Blog

Premium Users: October 9 at  12:50 PM EDT -Premiere

Free Users: October 16 at  12:50 PM EDT -Premiere

2. Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle

Chaika The Coffin Princess Avenging Battle 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: BONES

Season 2 of Chaika The Coffin Princess.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Mystery

Premiere Date: October 7| 2014

Chaika The Coffin Princess came as a surprise in a very good way. BONES continues to animate gorgeously and those involved with the story direction in Season 1 did a very good job. Let’s see what happens next with this sequel to Chaika The Coffin Princess.

Legal anime streaming site in North America: Crunchyroll  | Source: Crunchyroll News

Premium Users: October 8 at 1:35 PM EDT -Premiere

Free Users: October 15 at 1:35 PM EDT -Premiere

3. Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: TYO Animations

Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy who turned out to be a a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Premiere Date: October 5| 2014

Truth be told I am just going to watch this for Takahiro Sakurai. He is the voice actor of Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass, Alcor from Devil Survivor 2, and Kazuhito Harumi from Dog & Scissors. All of these anime he has starred in have, of course, been excellent anime series in their own right.

Also get this. The director of Love Stage!! anime series is also directing Wolf Girl & Black Prince. This is just screaming it will be so fantastic.

Legal anime streaming site in North America: Crunchyroll  | Source: Crunchyroll News

Premium Users: October 5 at 11:30 AM EDT -Premiere

Free Users: October 12 at 11:30 AM EDT -Premiere

4. Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Kouka in which the legend of the four dragons is passed down. The king of this kingdom has no son or queen to succeed the throne from him, except for the 15-year-old princess Yona whom he carefully raises. On her 16th birthday, she had intended to spend the day with her family and Soo-won whom she’s had thoughts of since she was a child. However, cruel fate has something else in store… A shocking fantasy romance is depicted in which Yona’s fate is tied with that of the four dragons.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Mystery

Premiere Date: October 7| 2014

I like that the key visuals released so far seem to promote it as a sort of historical Japan setting with magic. I like seeing traces of historical Japan a lot. Part of the reason loved watching Inuyasha.

I can picture the animation being so well-done what with Studio Pierrot going in such a creative direction with the Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

Legal anime streaming site in North America: Crunchyroll  | Source: Crunchyroll News

Premium Users: October 7 at 11:30 AM EDT -Premiere

Free Users: October 12 at 11:30 AM EDT -Premiere


5. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie (Bonjour: Koiaji Patisserie)

Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: CONNECT, SILVER LINK

Character Designs by: Utako Yukihiro (Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist or Devils and Realist)

Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo’s trendy Aoyama district. At Fleurir, she finds herself surrounded by charming boys, each one distinctly unique. Out of the entire class, Ryo Kouduki’s desire to become a pastry chef is the strongest. Blessed with unparalleled technique, instructor Mitsuki Aoi acts like a prince and is hugely popular at the school. Gilbert Hanafusa, the mood maker of the bunch, is a student from France. Yoshinosuke Suzumi is not very good at expressing his feelings, but underneath his stony exterior lies a wholehearted passion for wagashi (Japanese sweets).

Genre: Romance, Reverse Harem, Bishonen

Premiere Date: October 14| 2014 Unknown (To be Updated)

A huge update. I will be aiming to blog Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie if possible. I really want to but only time will tell if I end up not doing so because of time constraints. This is another unique reverse harem anime series in the vein of Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers. Both of which absolutely love from seeing in the past.

I also happily blogged about them in the past and I think Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie could be just as good if not better. Thanks to Crunchyroll (Read: Crunchyroll to Stream Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie) picking up the streaming rights as of October 10. I think I really can get to watching this anime series. I would love more anime like Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers, after all. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie also will be given priority over Parasyte. Anime like this do not come often!

6. Parasyte

Parasyte 2014 anime series

Animation Studio: Madhouse

They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade – and take control of – a human host to survive.

Once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. No one knows their secret – except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Premiere Date: October 8| 2014

I’m only into this for Nobunaga Shimazaki. The voice actor of Haru from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer. But be assured if the series is just not good I will honestly report it on the blog when review and probably drop it. I will initially watch it for around four episodes because usually when there are talented voice actors tied to a series then that series actually turns out very good, indeed. Seen it happen many times in the past. Kind of have the instinct this is what will happen with Parasyte and that it will be a very good anime series.

Legal anime streaming site in North America: Crunchyroll  | Source: Crunchyroll News

Premium Users: October 8 at 1:29 PM EDT -Premiere

Free Users: October 15 at 1:29 PM EDT -Premiere

As always I am looking forward to what this new anime season brings as I’m sure every anime fan is as well ^-^

See a complete look of anime series airing for Fall 2014 on and AnimePlanet | New Anime Season Previews.

*This post was originally published on September 15, 2014*


4 thoughts on “The Huge Anime Fan Fall 2014 Anime Preview (Updated)

  1. It’s funny because The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was just on TV the other day and I saw some of it. I do recommend watching the Swedish versions though, because not only are they a little better, but all three movies are out ;P

    Regarding anime, I wasn’t interested in too many of them either, which I guess is a good thing right now since I just started university and need to make friends hehe 😛 I’m not usually a romance fan but Wolf Girl and Black Prince looks so funny (‘:


  2. Normally the Fall line up is pretty stacked (at least the last 2 years I’ve been watching anime), but there actually aren’t too many series that stand out for me.

    I’m pretty hyped for Fate/Stay Night + Psycho-Pass, but the rest of the series just look alright to me. Like, I’m sure I’ll enjoy them, but I don’t really see any other series that may blow my mind (Parasyte has some potential though).

    From the looks of it, there’s a wealth of romcom and slice of lifey shows this coming season. I guess it’ll still be a decent season since these are always a guilty pleasure!


    • We totally agree on this. While there is a lot of anime this Fall. Not many seem to really stick out.

      Have visited Dao’s subarashii blog! and he also seems to fall under the thought that there aren’t many series that really pop out at one. He will only be following a select few. But at least, we have the romcom ones which are at least enjoyable.


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