Official-A Season 2 Anime Continuation is Planned for the Tokyo Ghoul Anime Series

This time for sure. I had seen news over this so-called anime series continuation for Tokyo Ghoul. I was skeptical and did not want to report in on the blog ,after all, it seemed out of nowhere because it seemed so soon. Then there were news from Crunchyroll that the Chinese website that reported a second season to the Tokyo Ghoul anime series had later delisted the news. So it appeared no second season had been green-lit.

But now its official. Its happening. While I did state in my full anime series review that the Tokyo Ghoul anime series was fine by itself and in no need of a second season despite it ending with the unknown fate of Anteiku. Still it would be good to have a second season since, that way, those details can be cleared up.

Crunchyroll which I see as way more of reliable source of anime news than any other site out there has now shown a promo video of Tokyo Ghoul’s second season.

Now sort of excited for the Tokyo Ghoul anime series sequel and wish for TK from Ling Tosite Sigure to perform the Opening Theme Song for the next stage of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series. I do not think have ever been as blown away by an opening theme performance as in Tokyo Ghoul’s Opening Theme Song titled as Unravel.

Even Ling Tosite Sigure performing the theme song would be very welcomed. We will have to see when it premieres sometime in January 2015.

News Source: Crunchyroll-VIDEO: “Tokyo Ghoul: re” Manga Promo