First Look-Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika cautious of Sata-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-2014 Director: Kenichi Kasai | Animation Studio: TYO Animations

This officially opens up the Fall 2014 Anime Season and AHhhhh!! Whhh. Yeah. This series produces a lot of cringe worthy moments of equal amounts of excitement and also wanting to run away from it all. San angry at Erika in Episode 1 of the Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series Erika saying hi to San-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1] Why?! As Crunchyroll’s story premise for Episode #1 nails it. Wolf Girl and Black Prince is all about “Erika being obsessed with appearances that she lies to her friends and pretends she has a boyfriend. She goes as far in her lies as taking a picture of a random guy which soon backfires on her. When he turns out to be a very attractive student in her school with a nasty sense of humor.” Now for her lies not to be revealed to everyone this girl who cries wolf (pun on the boy who cries wolf) has to act like a dog for him. 

Sata wiping sweat off of Erika politely-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

I feel like there must be a story behind this. I’ll listen, if you don’t mind me hearing.-Sata Kyoya from Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Completely a prince.

Erika marvels at Sata's kindness-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

You will keep wondering why ,oh, why did Erika’s friends have to call her out on her boyfriend being Sata Kyoya from Class 8 who also happens to be the Class 8 Prince. But seriously when the episode reaches the point when Erika lays it all out there for Sata. Sata is incredibly pretty and a soft-spoken, kind guy which is brought to life thanks to Takahiro Sakurai’s voice acting. Until you realize you are so sadly mistaken. Sata dubs Erika poochieWolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

But seriously I have missed hearing anime characters being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

It is also important to point out that I do not think anyone else besides Takahiro Sakurai could have brought the character of Sata Kyoya to life as much as he could especially when in one of his scenes he points out, “I’ll take good care of you, Poochie”. Simply charming voicing. I like that the portrayals are so genuine. The fact that Sata seriously has decided to have Erika play act to be his dog. It is demeaning but she understands this and accepts it as an almost deserved punishment. Even so it is matched by her obvious incredulity. It is all equally hilarious but painful to watch. The characters are all presence thankfully all in part to their scripted performances and voice actors/voice actresses. In Wolf Girl and Black Prince even caught myself liking Erika’s less than understanding friends, Marin and Tezuka. For the sake of highlighting which performances gave the most impression in this first ani-watching time with the series (see below). If that was not enough apparently in the future there will also be an appearance by Nobunaga Shimazaki who some may know as the voice actor of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer’s Haru.

Impressive Voice Actor/Voice Actress Performances

CV(Sata): Takahiro Sakurai

Sata-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

CV(Erika): Kanae Ito

Erika-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

CV( San): Ai Kayano

San from Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series

CV(Marin): Mariya Ise

Marin-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

CV(Tezuka): Mikako Komatsu

Tezuka-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

And so…  I conclude that Sata might be kind but has a serious dog fetish. Perhaps. Only way to know is to keep watching the anime series on Crunchyroll. Which I am very much planning to do.

Dog fetish-Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series [Episode 1]

The first episode of Wolf Girl and Black Prince was amazing! I am so excited for the Fall 2014 Anime Season especially with Psycho-Pass 2 and Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle on the back-burner. I think I can see myself blogging Wolf Girl and Black Prince. This anime not only is it mature but also boisterously funny. A thing I can appreciate.

NOTE: The animation was not something highlighted with this first look of Wolf Girl and Black Prince partly because it does not really pop out. That is not to say the animation is not good but it is very simplistic with this light wispy appearance. Wolf Girl and Black Prince though does not really suffer from not having the most flashy animation since the voice acting present and the story’s narrative direction in this case is enough.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (12 episodes)

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 2014 anime series

While the proud Erika boasts to her friends about being lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, she has never really had one for 16 years. Feeling the limits of lying, she took a picture of a cool guy she found in town and showed it to her friends as her boyfriend. But the person in the picture happens to be Sata Kyouya who is in the same grade in their school. While she was able to explain the situation and convince him to act like his boyfriend, he was not the nice looking boy she thought he would be: he was a super sadistic schemer! Thus begins Erika’s life blackmailed into being Sata’s dog. Credit: Crunchyroll

Director: Kenichi Kasai

Animation Studio: TYO Animations

Script writing: Sawako Hirabayashi | Character Designing and Chief Animation Director: Maki Fujioka

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: Streaming via Crunchyroll.

Available to Watch: | Simulcast on Sundays 11:35 AM EDT

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-Opening [OP] Theme song

LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks

The OP has an interesting energetic rocker sound to it which really reminded me of Tommy Heavenly6. The OP #2, Papermoon, of the Soul Eater anime series but it is not Tommy Heavenly6.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-Ending [ED] Theme song

Ookami Heart by Oresama.

I think I like the ED Ookami Heart which pretty sure translates to Black Heart by Oresama. because it weaves some pop music into it and the more chaotic singing seems like something have never encountered in general when it comes to music.