First Look-Parasyte

Parasyte-2014 Director: Kenichi Shimizu | Animation Studio: Madhouse

First off. Previously reported would be writing a First Look for Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle but before then wanted to go ahead with a First Look of Parasyte. While watching was very blown away, so I just had to do a first impression of the anime.

Shinichi's hand-Parasyte anime Episode #1

Ha! I knew Parasyte was going to be something very special once it premiered. Although from the onset I only came into it expecting to see or should I say hear more of Nobunaga Shimazaki’s voice acting. Color me impressed. Yes. We all know he voices Haru in Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer but with this Horror/Science Fiction anime series he certainly seemed set up to do something that would ask something different of any of his character roles he has ever done before. Something more serious with desperateness. He certainly did it since his voice for the character Shinichi sounds completely different from Haru’s more reserved and put together almost stoic personality. I actually could not tell it was him voice acting except for the fact had been given hints through anime news sites of him voicing Shinichi.

The series from this first watch actually began quite interestingly with a narrative piece or voice over done from what I could tell by Ryohei Kimura. It worked to set up the idea that this incoming invasion by small insect parasites from outer space may have been orchestrated, by who? From this first episode you will not yet know. But that is the fun thing of the anime series. The mystery.

Shinichi is one of the victims of the parasites until he notices his body is about to be invaded and he stops it but not quite. The parasyte burrows into his right hand and takes it over. Shinichi now has to handle this new annoyance. Meanwhile other people are also becoming victims of these grotesque monstrous parasites.

If  you have been thinking  about finding a good Horror anime series then this might be a good series to pick up watching this Fall 2014 Anime Season. Particularly with the very expressive animation in the series only shown in Episode #1 of Parasyte.

While the series begins in voice over narrative and some may say its an over used story technique it actually really works when done well in Parasyte. Also this story is obviously about our main character, Shinichi and his experiences with these newly arrived outer space aliens.

Read further but take into account that from this point on its more like commentary and episode analysis so there might be spoilers.

Parasyte Final Thoughts on Episode 1-Review

Shinichi about to cut his own hand 1-2-Parasyte anime Episode #1 Shinichi about to cut his own hand 2-2-Parasyte anime Episode #1

Are you even my own right hand? I’m going to test you. You’d better not dodge.“-Shinichi (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

I really like the expressions in the anime series from this first watch. Shinichi’s in particular are priceless and to add effect to those animated faces is Nobunaga Shimazaki’s voice acting.

Still even the way the episode was set up in paying close attention to minor details like the everyday activities of Shinichi and even more so his parents really made the series stand out. Made it seem like a lot of thought was put in on this project. Technology portrayal in modern times thankfully is shown more so then in your average anime series.

Shinichi's dad on his tablet 1-2-Parasyte anime Episode #1Shinichi's dad on his tablet 2-2-Parasyte anime Episode #1

Most intriguing with the anime series is when you have Shinichi’s parents believing when a slithery parasite is about to invade his right hand that he might be doing drugs which is why he is acting all strange. That really was hilarious especially with the perception that adolescents do drugs or to that effect. Surprisingly though in this case Shinichi’s body was being attacked by an alien invader. Very ironic!

Shinichi searching out some remedy to his taken over hand-Parasyte anime Episode #1 Shinichi frustrated with his situation-Parasyte anime Episode #1 Shinichi despairs-Parasyte anime Episode #1

Co-existing seems to be the key for Shinichi and his new visitor inside him but how that will work out likely seems like it would be paved by vast irritation on Shinichi’s part.

Once Shinichi’s hand is taken over by the slithery mutation of an alien it actually tries to bargain with Shinichi. All to save itself and perhaps pursue its own mysterious agenda. The thing who surprisingly has a very cute voice thanks in part to the voice acting of Aya Hirano. Why is this monstrosity even bargaining. If there was a monster with a mind of its own on your left hand you would destroy it! I mean the Parasyte was planning on eating his brain and turning him into a morphing human monster. How can he just casually bargain. Times like these make watching the anime series all the more amusing despite the series actually getting very creepy and grotesque visually later on as well.The parasite living with Shinichi-Parasyte anime Episode #1


Parasyte 2014 anime series

They arrived in silence and darkness, descending from the skies with a hunger for human flesh. Parasites – alien creatures who must invade and take control of a human host to survive – have come to Earth. No one knows their secret except high school student, Shinichi Izumi, who’s right hand has been invaded by an alien parasite. Shinichi and Migi, the parasite in his hand, begrudgingly form a friendship and find themselves caught in the middle of a war between humans and parasites.

Director: Kenichi Shimizu

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: Crunchyroll

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll | Simulcast on Wednesdays 1:29 PM EDT

Parasyte-Opening [OP] Theme song

Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Encountered this band from the anime series Bryndhildr in the Darkness and while in the end very much thought it was not a very good anime series cannot deny thankful, at least, got introduced to the music of Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. Really like this heavy rock metal, screamo electronica music. While really liked Virtue and Vice also like this anime opening theme song, Let Me Hear.

Watch Promotional Purposes for Anime-Let Me Hear [Parasyte OP] in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Parasyte-Ending [ED] Theme song

IT’S THE RIGHT TIME by Daichi Miura

It’s certainly J-Pop music. It’s not a totally bad song but not really my type of music. Still comparing it to the OP it really might imply that the series while dark might also have a more cheerful side. Maybe but sometimes Openings and Endings indicate some future situation in the anime series, so it does not hurt to guess.

Unfortunately only plan on reviewing Parasyte this once with a First Look. Thank you everyone for reading! It was a pleasure and I will be continuing the anime series Parasyte on Crunchyroll.

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