FUNimation SAVE Edition Anime Sets Worth Getting

Time is nearing for all that Holiday shopping for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday which then draws everyone closer to Christmas holiday shopping.

That being the case I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my personal favorite anime series which also happen to be on the FUNIMATION SAVE Edition Line. Have some myself that consider my favorites and was quite excited to realize after watching that through SAVE could purchase for less. This is a pretty good thing considering while love anime it truly is an expensive hobby. So when SAVE exists it makes an anime fan feel like they are getting a good deal on their anime.

1. Black Cat

Year Premiered: 2005-2006  Animation Studio: Gonzo

I saw this anime way back in 2008. Back then it was one of my favorite anime series. It still is of anime seen overall. It had been a while since then but early on in 2013 found Black Cat through the SAVE Edition line. If you want to know more about the anime you can read a review wrote a while back. Know it is incredible and with SAVE you are saving some money on the set.

Price: $17.56

2. Corpse Princess

Year Premiered: 2008-2009  Animation Studio: Gainax

While the end to Corpse Princess is a bit anti-climatic throughout its run it was pretty action-packed and full of interesting dark themes. Voice acting from the English cast thanks to FUNimation Entertainment might have been one of the strongest in anime considering favor Subbed anime but for this one must give great praise to the English Dub. That and I actually only ever saw it in the Dubbed Version.

WARNING: This anime will make you feel sad at times but it is worth your anime watching time.

Price: $16.64

3. Kaze no Stigma

Year Premiered: 2007  Animation Studio: Gonzo

This anime is perhaps one of the anime that made the most impression on me from anime of the early 2000s. Particularly for having such an elaborate magic construct within its Fantasy setting. My only regret is there was no more anime. While I have grown accustomed to never seeing more seasons for anime become enamored with. This anime was one hoped could have more but sadly that seems impossible.

Review: An Anime Series Review: Kaze No Stigma (2007)

Price: $16.57

4. Speed Grapher

Year Premiered: 2005  Animation Studio: Gonzo

This anime series from animation, story setting, character development, and music is excellent. It has nothing that mars it. Truly one of my favorites.

Price: $16.11

5. Casshern Sins

Year Premiered: 2008-2009  Animation Studio: Tatsunoko Production and Madhouse

One of the few saw first on Toonami of Adult Swim and realized just how good it is. First time heard some voice acting from Eric Vale who voiced Casshern the title character of the series. Have to say was pretty impressed but overall well voice acted throughout and to add to that the animation and story is really original that easily keeps one’s interest.

Tip: If you tend to like philosophy this series might grab your interest much faster.

Price: $16.59

6. Shiki

Year Premiered: 2010  Animation Studio: Daume

I think one of the few Horror anime that does tend to give me shivers a bit. Great story, English voice acting, and ending.

Price: $20.19

7. xxxHolic

Year Premiered: 2006  Animation Studio: Production I.G.

If you like an anime with a darker Fantasy setting this is the anime. The only downside is that FUNimation Entertainement has not released Season 2 of this anime series and there is a Season 2 and I believe also a Season 3.

Only ever seen Season 1 though.

Price: 17.08

8. Devil May Cry

Year Premiered: 2007  Animation Studio: Madhouse

I have to wonder why it was so incredibly short despite it being so incredibly good. And yes I know about the video games despite not playing them. Still Devil May Cry is hard to describe other than it deals with a monster slayer, Dante, and how he comes across a young girl and while he is usually very anti-social he somehow grows attached to said young girl almost like a dad.

The character interactions are probably the most interesting. That and the animation.

Price: $19.49

9. Shakugan no Shana

Year Premiered: S1-2005-2006, S2-2007-2008, and S3-2011-2012  Animation Studio: J.C. Staff

While I always appreciated the animation of Shakugan no Shana. And the epic Fantasy feel of it. I feel the character development lagged toward Season 2. In the ending conclusion with Season 3 things certainly got back on track. The way Shakugan no Shana pulled itself together toward the end really makes me think this is another anime series think of as an ultimate favorite.

Season 1 Price: $20.19 | Season 2 Price: $26.93

10. Aquarion

Year Premiered: 2005  Animation Studio: Satelight

First mecha anime series ever saw. Aquarion is the original. Have seen the supposed sequel called Aquarion Evol but you are much better off watching Aquarion only.

Price: $19.49

11. Black Blood Brothers

Year Premiered: 2006  Animation Studio: Studio Live and Group TAC

While there can actually be too much vampire anime when done in an original way it can be truly enjoy worthy. This is such an anime series. Deals with vampires and different species of them particularly with a war between them and one particular nasty vampire species.

While you might be tempted to think the animation is not very good. Actually watching the series is a whole other thing.

Price: $10.99

12. Nabari No Ou

Year Premiered: 2008  Animation Studio: J.C. Staff

Even though have mix feelings. Nabari No Ou was one of the anime from the SAVE line actually wanted to try out almost sort of blind. I had not seen this anime beforehand like the others.

While I do not consider it one of my ultimate favorites that fall under the SAVE line of anime. It was not terrible. The only thing is the ending is anti-climatic and I mean this even much more so than the ending to the Corpse Princess anime series. Still worth adding because the animation and story overall did keep my interest while watching.

Price: $17.42