The Lead Cast for the English Dub of Free! Eternal Summer Anime Finishes Being Revealed

While the details to who voices Gou and other key characters like Sousuke have not been revealed by FUNimation Entertainment those announcements can be expected sometime over the weekend. For now, all the voice actors for the lead swimming boys from Free! have been revealed.

The English Cast for Free! Eternal Summer

Todd Haberkorn-Haru

Haruka-English voice cast

Johnny Yong Bosch-Makoto

Makoto-English voice cast

Greg Ayres-Nagisa

Nagisa-English voice cast

J. Michael Tatum-Rei

Rei-English voice cast

Vic Mignogna-Rin

Rin-English voice cast

Official FUNIMATION Blog: Free! Eternal Summer Cast-Announcement

All the swimming boys! Now as a fan of Free! one can only expect a priority and immediate release for Free! Eternal Summer in 2015 on home video.