Thrilling News-Sentai Filmworks Licenses One of My Favorite Anime from My Lifetime ‘Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist’

This is quite the extreme shock. Kind of how they surprised me with licensing Maoyu and Amnesia and then releasing both in North America. With Maoyu and Amnesia being one of those anime series that left such lasting impressions. Needless to say as soon as they released got my hands on both DVD collections. Actually Amnesia can happily report that now own too. Thanks to Sentai Filmworks that is!

I can seriously say that all the anime have ever wanted to be licensed in North America has been licensed. Well, except Parasyte that is but since it is a new anime series I am sure it would be picked up eventually by some anime company especially since there is a potential for such a huge anime fanbase.

Statement by Sentai Filmworks


Devils and Realist 2013 anime series

A life of leisure is turned on its head as a once well off gentleman must now make an underworld changing decision in Sentai Filmworks’ latest acquisition, Devils & Realist. This supernatural comedy series, based on the manga series featuring story by Madoka Takadono and art by Utako Yukihiro, is directed by Chiaki Kon (Nodame Catabile: Paris, When They Cry – Higurashi) with series composition by Michiko Yokote (Princess Tutu, xxxHolic), and animation production by Doga Kobo (Love Lab, Engaged to the Unidentified).

William Twining leads the perfect life of an aristocratic noble: he’s handsome, wealthy, intelligent, and takes great pride in his family’s lineage, all while dreaming of his future in high society. After his wealthy uncle goes bankrupt from bad investments, William worries about losing his good name. When he’s told his tuition has yet to be paid at the prestigious Stradford School, he quickly rushes to his estate – only to find that the debt collectors have taken everything and his uncle is missing. Struggling to find a way to pay for school, William stumbles upon a mysterious room where he accidentally summons Dantalion, Grand Duke of the 36 Armies of Hell. Being a hard-line realist with a love for science, William does not believe in demons and takes Dantalion as a con artist. But the truth of the matter is: as a descendant of Solomon, and the “Elector,” William is the person that must select a substitute ruler to take Lucifer’s throne. His fate will forever change as he is now entwined and inseparable from the underworld which he must manage and nominate an infernal substitute king. 

Devils & Realist will be available soon through select digital outlets with a home video release to follow.

Streaming via Crunchyroll: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

I am very thankful to Sentai Filmworks. Now just wish so much that if they do release it that they choose wisely on the cover artwork for their home video release.

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