Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode 2-5 Anime Review

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 challenge issued

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-2014 Director: Kenichi Kasai | Animation Studio: TYO Animations

I find that the way the series handles the Sata seeming being an abuser is quite entertaining. We all are aware that Sata can be very insensitive to Erika. And in any other universe not anime or manga related. Since there is a manga series for Wolf Girl and Black Prince this kind of relationship would, of course, be nothing less than unhealthy and sad. When we acknowledge this is merely entertainment through anime. Well, you can find a certain validation in trying to hope that the character that is Erika will see how awful Sata is. Though since this is anime it can sometimes lead in unforeseen directions when such an absurd master and pet relationship exists which is romance. Yes, romance. Only in anime.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #2-Erika interested in Kimura

EPISODE 2-While in the First Look stressed how much this anime deals with almost impossible situations there is a certain limit to how true that is. The series can reach realistic lengths based on real world issues, situations, and relationships.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #2 is such an example. We see Erika feeling rather unsatisfied with her fake romantic relationship with Sata, so she decides to forge a real one. Unfortunately, the guy she hopes to begin this new relationship turns out to be a horrible guy just wanting to use her. An almost realistic situation forms in this episode. By the end, noticed there was obviously going to be romance blooming for Erika and Sata. While I could already foresee a very unorthodox one, though. Very. Still even though those moments would be cringe-worthy surely like Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #1-2 would be still very enjoy worthy.

EPISODE 3-This episode really dived into trying to give us glimpse at Sata’s real self. He is not exactly an agreeable type of person. He is grouchy and as Erika points out always going to be like that. He only presents his good side to those people he could care less about or who he knows he wont ever really get to know on a personal level. Analyzing one can tell surely he has had some difficult life so far either through experience or those he has known. Remarkably unlike what many would like to believe. It is not due to previous girlfriends issues but family issues.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #3-Sick Sata

Letting the cards fall where they may leads to guys like Sata falling right over the entryway! Things like this happen all the time in Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

Sometimes I really noticed that like watching Wolf Girl and Black Prince since it presents a good character study which is also trying to push the main story’s details.

EPISODE 4-Daily Anguish might have been the most hilarious. We meet a friends of Sata’s. Hakeru unlike Sata who is outgoing comes really out of nowhere fueling the questions to how Sata ever became friends with that guy.

While Erika has by now shown how she might really love Sata. Now there is Hakeru to help her win Sata’s heart but Sata being the ever easily annoyed guy wont have that. Yet, it is always good to see the Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime continuing on with an equal measure of realistic and unrealistic.

EPISODE 5-While on most occasions cannot help to stress how vicious Sata can tend to be. Sometimes one wonders about Erika. She can be at fault at times too. Her mindset in Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 perfectly highlights some of the common relationship issues in romantic relationships which are a partner wanting the guy or girl to be something they are not. Also very high lofty expectations.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 challenge agreed on by Sata and Erika

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Closing Thoughts Episode #2- 5 Review

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 challenge acepted

While Psycho-Pass 2 might be THE ANIME that is holding my highest attention, after all, it is Psycho-Pass 2, people! I still make time for the Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series. It would not be a stretch to say it has high potential and even more so a compelling story to tell and show.

It lends itself to entertain through comedy if you can be open to it and not take it too seriously. While it can get intense just be aware of its penchant for high drama particularly when it comes to the romance factor.

Sentai Filmworks has got a real winning anime series here with Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Admittedly it is the only anime series checking out weekly for the Fall 2014 Anime Season licensed by Sentai Filmworks, well, besides Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle that is!

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (12 episodes)

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 2014 anime seriesWhile the proud Erika boasts to her friends about being lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, she has never really had one for 16 years. Feeling the limits of lying, she took a picture of a cool guy she found in town and showed it to her friends as her boyfriend. But the person in the picture happens to be Sata Kyouya who is in the same grade in their school. While she was able to explain the situation and convince him to act like his boyfriend, he was not the nice looking boy she thought he would be: he was a super sadistic schemer! Thus begins Erika’s life blackmailed into being Sata’s dog. Credit: Crunchyroll

Director: Kenichi Kasai

Animation Studio: TYO Animations

Script writing: Sawako Hirabayashi | Character Designing and Chief Animation Director: Maki Fujioka

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: Streaming via Crunchyroll.

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll.com | Simulcast on Sundays 11:35 AM EDT

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-Opening [OP] Theme song

LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks

The OP has an interesting energetic rocker sound to it which really reminded me of Tommy Heavenly6. The OP #2, Papermoon, of the Soul Eater anime series but it is not Tommy Heavenly6.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince-Ending [ED] Theme song

Ookami Heart by Oresama.

I think I like the ED Ookami Heart which pretty sure translates to Black Heart by Oresama. because it weaves some pop music into it and the more chaotic singing seems like something have never encountered in general when it comes to music.

Next up: Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle, Parasyte, and Psycho-Pass 2