Ling Tosite Sigure Plan to Release a Best of Album and New Single Simultaneously in Early 2015!

The Best of Album being “Best of Tornado“. Perfectly describing what a musical tornado the band can really be. While the single is going to be known as “Who What Who What“. Both releasing on the same date: January 14, 2015.

Cover artwork for the Best of Album and new single have also released thanks to Ling Tosite Sigure. You still can see a continuing release of quality and visually stunning cover art for the releases by the band.

Best of Tornado

Available: Standard Edition, Tornado Edition (Limited Edition), and Hyper Tornado Edition (Deluxe Limited Edition)

Standard Edition from what can be gathered will be released in a CD only format. 15 songs chosen as the Best.

Tornado Edition (Limited Edition) with a digipak release with 2 CDs+DVD. DVD includes the music videos from the band.

Hyper Tornado Edition (Deluxe Limited Edition) with 2 CDs+DVD and a photobook. 10 years of live pictures and photos shot down in the London offshoot. 

CDJapan listings: Best Of Tornado [w/ DVD, Limited Edition/Type A]Hyper Tornado Edition,Best Of Tornado [w/ DVD, Limited Edition/Type B]Tornado Edition, and Best Of Tornado [Regular Edition]Standard Edition.

Who What Who What

Who What Who What CD+DVD

CD+DVD, Limited Edition Digipak

Ling Tosite Sigure’s Official Website

2015年1月14日に、凛として時雨初のベストアルバム「Best of Tornado」とニューシングル「Who What Who What」の発売が決定しました。
さらに、この2作品を引き下げての全国ツアー”凛として時雨 Hyper Tornado Tour 2015”の開催も決定しました。

ベストアルバム「Best of Tornado」では、TKが”nakano kill you”をはじめ一部のインディーズ時代の楽曲と、先日リリースとなった新曲”Enigmatic Feeling”に新たにMIXを施しています。さらに、ロンドンはメトロポリススタジオの名匠、ジョン・デイヴィスがTK監修のもとマスタリングを敢行。
通常盤に加え、【Hyper Tornado Edition】と【Tornado Editon】といった特典ディスクとDVDを付加した3枚組の限定盤2形態も実現。

【Hyper Tornado Edition】
三方背ケースジャケット+Disc収納デジパックジャケット ※三方背ケースは箔押し加工
HyperTornado_case HyperTornado_discdigi

【Tornado Edition】【通常盤】
TornadoJK BoT_tsujo

特典DVDには、これまで作られたミュージックビデオを全11曲を収録しており、“abnormalize”、”Enigmatic Feeling”以外のミュージックビデオは初の商品化となります。
【Hyper Tornado Editon】では、パッケージ自体も特別なものになっており、ロゴが箔押しされた25cm角の写真集のような布貼りケースの中に、CD2枚+DVDを収録したケースと、過去10年間のライブ写真や、レアなオフショット、TK自身がロンドンで撮り下ろした写真、メンバー同士で語るヒストリーなど100Pに及ぶブックレットを収容。もう一つの【Tornado Edition】は、デジパック仕様となっており、どちらも初回生産限定盤として数量限定の販売となります。

そして、凛として時雨としての歩みを集約したメモリアルなベストアルバムと同日にお届けするニューシングル『Who What Who What』。

【「Who What Who What」ジャケット】

この2作品を引っ提げ、約2年振りとなる全国ツアー”凛として時雨 Hyper Tornado Tour 2015”の開催も決定。


●BEST ALBUM『Best of Tornado』2015.1.14 Out
【Hyper Tornado Edition】初回生産限定豪華盤 [2CD+DVD] AICL-2797~2800 ¥7,500(tax out) ※布張りスペシャル・パッケージ+100P Photobook
【Tornado Edition】 初回生産限定盤 [2CD+DVD] AICL-2801~3 ¥4,200(tax out) ※デジパック仕様
【通常盤】 [CD] AICL-2804 ¥2,800(tax out)

<Disc1 (CD)>
1.JPOP Xfile 2.Telecastic fake show 3.abnormalize 4.illusion is mine 5.想像のSecurity(2015 mix)
6.DISCO FLIGHT 7.moment A rhythm(short ver.) 8.Beautiful Circus 9.I was music 10.鮮やかな殺人(2015 mix)
11.テレキャスターの真実(2015 mix) 12.nakano kill you(2015 mix) 13.Enigmatic Feeling(2015 mix) 14.Missing ling 15.傍観
<Disc2 (DVD)>
Music Video(Sadistic Summer/想像のSecurity/DISCO FLIGHT/Telecastic fake show/JPOP Xfile/
I was music/illusion is mine/abnormalize/Beautiful Circus/Metamorphose/Enigmatic Feeling)
<Disc3 (CD)>
1.テレキャスターの真実 2.赤い誘惑 3.Sergio Echigo 4.傍観 (from 「#3」)

●SINGLE『Who What Who What』2015.1.14 Out
CD+DVD AICL-2795~6 ¥1,200(tax out)
『凛として時雨 Hyper Tornado Tour 2015』
2月 8日(日) 仙台RENSA
OPEN 17:15/ START 18:00 ノースロードミュージック 022-256-1000
2月11日(水・祝) 広島CLUB QUATTRO
OPEN 16:45/ START 17:30 CANDY PROMOTION 082-249-8334
2月14日(土) 高松オリーブホール
OPEN 16:30/ START 17:00 DUKE 087-822-2520
2月21日(土) 金沢EIGHT HALL
OPEN 16:30/ START 17:00 キョードー北陸 025-245-5100
2月22日(日) 新潟LOTS
OPEN 16:30/ START 17:00 キョードー北陸 025-245-5100
2月28日(土) 沖縄ナムラホール
OPEN 16:15/ START 17:00 PMエージェンシー 098-898-1331
3月 5日(木) Zepp Tokyo
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999
3月 8日(日) Zepp Nagoya
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00 JAIL HOUSE 052-936-6041
3月 9日(月) Zepp Nagoya
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00 JAIL HOUSE 052-936-6041
3月15日(日) Zepp Fukuoka
OPEN 16:45/ START 17:30 キョードー西日本 092-714-0159
3月22日(日) Zepp Sapporo
OPEN 16:45/ START 17:30 SMASH EAST 011-261-5569
3月26日(木) 大阪なんばHatch
OPEN 18:15/ START 19:00 清水音泉 06-6357-3666
3月27日(金) 大阪なんばHatch
OPEN 18:15/ START 19:00 清水音泉 06-6357-3666
4月 4日(土) Zepp Diver City
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999
4月 5日(日) Zepp Diver City
OPEN 16:00/ START 17:00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999
・立見: ¥4,860-
・学割立見:¥3,780-※OFFICIAL HPのみの取扱い・数量限定

> OFFICIAL HP 抽選先行販売


1/14/2015 in Rin toshite Shigure‘s first compilation album “Best of Tornadoand has decided the launch of the new single ‘Who What Who What.
Nationwide tour, cut 2 pieces of Rin toshite Shigure Hyper Tornado Tour by 2015 of holding also decided.
Best album “Best of Tornado, TK“nakano kill you”as well as some Indies erasongs and new songs was released the other day“Enigmatic Feeling”newMIX…. In addition to the London metropolis Studio masters, John Davis TKunder the supervision and the mastering.
Communications in addition to the Standard Edition, and [Hyper TornadoEdition] [Tornado Editon] and also added was bonus disc and DVD 3disclimited edition 2 forms.
[Hyper Tornado Edition]
A three-way tall case jacket + Disc digipack jacket * three-way tall casestamping processing
HyperTornado_case HyperTornado_discdigi
[Tornado Edition] [Standard Edition]
TornadoJK BoT_tsujo
Music videos ever made in the DVD, and included all 11 songs“abnormalize“,”Enigmatic Feeling” music video for non-will commercializationof the first.
It contains other Phantom was sold only on hand selling in venues andproduced a benefit CD, “# 4′ previous CD“# 3”, in 2006, held at Shinjuku loftlive recordings.
[Hyper Tornado Editon], accommodates booklet of 100 P talk 10 years livepictures and photos shot down in the London offshoot of Rhea, the TK itself,other members in past history and case was recorded, 2 CDs + DVD in thecloth paste case, such as pictures of the package itself is special, a foil logo 25cm square. Another one [Tornado Edition] has become a digipak, both will besold in limited quantities as a limited edition.
And the Memorial best album consolidated the progress as the drizzle anddignified and delivered on the same day new single “Who What Who What’.
To enjoy the full picture here with the continued gradually apparently willbecome so.
[“Who What Who What jacket]
引t提ge 2 piece about 2 years, and the nationwide tour Rin toshite ShigureHyper Tornado Tour by 2015 the meeting also decided.
Today 11/26 (water) until the reception of lottery sales start. (
For more information please see below product description and liveinformation.
«Release notes»
BEST ALBUM “Best of Tornado’ 2015.1.14 Out
[Hyper Tornado Edition] Deluxe Limited Edition [2] AICL-27972800 7,500 yen(tax out) * upholstered specials & package + 100 P Photobook
[Tornado Edition: Limited Edition [2] AICL-28013 Digi * ¥ 4,200 (tax out)
[Standard Edition] [CD] AICL-2804 ¥ 2,800 (tax out)
[Disc1 (CD)]
15 songs in all music London metropolis Studio, recording re-mastered.
1. Security of JPOP Xfile 2.Telecastic fake show 3.abnormalize 4.illusion is mine5 imagination (2015 mix)
6. DISCO FLIGHT 7.moment A rhythm (short ver.) 8. murder a bright BeautifulCircus 9.I was music 10 (2015 mix)
11. truth of the Telecaster (2015 mix) 13.Enigmatic Feeling 12.nakano kill you(mix by 2015) (mix by 2015) 14 Missing ling 15 bystanders
[Disc2 (DVD)]
Music Video (/ Security/DISCO FLIGHT/Telecastic fake show/JPOP XfileSadistic Summer / imagine
I was music/illusion is mine/abnormalize/BeautifulCircus/Metamorphose/Enigmatic Feeling)
[Disc3 (CD)]
1. Red Telecaster truth 2 temptation 3 Sergio Echigo 4 on the sidelines (from# 3″)
+ Live music calendar
SINGLE “Who What Who What’ 2015.1.14 Out
CD+DVD AICL-27956 1,200 yen out tax
Rin toshite Shigure Hyper Tornado Tour by 2015
performance date
2/8 (day) Sendai RENSA.
OPEN 17:15 and START 18:00 North Road music 0222561000
2/11 (waterMon) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
OPEN 16:45 and START 17:30 CANDY PROMOTION 0822498334
2/14 (SAT) Takamatsu olive Hall
OPEN 16:30 and START 17:00 DUKE 0878222520
2/21 (SAT) Kanazawa EIGHT HALL that
OPEN 16:30 and START 17:00 Kyodo Hokuriku 0252455100
2/22 (Sun) Niigata LOTS.
OPEN 16:30 and START 17:00 Kyodo Hokuriku 0252455100
2/28 (SAT) Okinawa Namur Hall.
OPEN 16:15 and START 17:00 PM agency 0988981331
3/5 (Thu) in Zepp Tokyo.
OPEN 18:00 and START 19: 00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03 5720 9999
3/8 (day) Zepp Nagoya.
OPEN 17:00 and START 18:00 JAIL HOUSE 0529366041
3/9 (Moon) Zepp Nagoya.
OPEN 18:00 and START 19:00 JAIL HOUSE 0529366041
3/15 (day) Zepp Fukuoka.
OPEN 16:45 and START 17:30 Kyodo Nishi Japan 0927140159
3/22 (date) that the Zepp Sapporo
OPEN 16:45 and START 17:30 0112615569 EAST SMASH
3/26 (wood), Osaka Namba Hatch
OPEN 18:15 and START 19:00 Shimizu sound Spring 0663573666
3/27 (Fri) Osaka Namba Hatch.
OPEN 18:15 and START 19:00 Shimizu sound Spring 0663573666
4/4 (SAT) Zepp Diver City.
OPEN 17:00 and START 18: 00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03 5720 9999
4/5 (day) Zepp Diver City.
OPEN 16:00 and START 17: 00 HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03 5720 9999
立見: 4,860
Student standing: ¥ 3,780only * OFFICIAL HP handling & limitedquantities
2f seating designated seat ¥ 5,400only * each Zepp venue and Namba Hatch
General release date
First dates (2/82/28 concert) 12/20/2014 (SAT)
Late dates (3/54/5 concert) 1/17/2015 (SAT)
OFFICIAL HP Lottery sales
11/17 (,) 18: 00 ~ 11/26 (water) 23:00.
0570000777 business hours: 10:0020:00)
OFFICIAL HP Lottery sales