Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 2-6 Anime Review + Theories

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #6-Kamui checking Tsunemori and her hue

While Kamui is the new very attractive new villain replacing Shogo Makishima. It has to be stated that he is much like him but also different. Where you had Makishima being someone who you knew his motives for trying to bring down the MWSPB. With Kamui he is truly a BLANK slate. He shows no real motives for doing the things he does which really makes him seem like he either is more than a little delusional or unattached to anything.

Which is a dangerous quality when its possible he could do more harm since he could care less for the destruction he can potentially create coupled with the fact he almost acts on an almost hypnotized and disentangled way. A very enigmatic thing. Making him a real enigma in this anime series continuation to Psycho-Pass.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #2-Kamui having broken into Tsunemori's home

Episode 2-Likely since the events of Season 1 of Psycho-Pass everyone in the MWPSB have grown accustomed to easy criminal investigations. No criminal has really posed a problem. Psycho-Pass 2 now tests Tsunemori this time around with the appearance of a ghostlike criminal, Kamui. And while the absence of Kogami does sting as the series progresses you see how capable Tsunemori can be. Seeing how Tsunemori or Kamui is steps ahead of each other any given moment can be both thrilling and thought provoking for the audience.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #3-Kamui talking to Inspector Shisui

All I kept thinking was Kamui was being a real creepy guy in Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #3.

Episode 3-With Episode #3 of Psycho-Pass 2 one really sees the type of individual Kamui is. He must really be somewhat fixated on Tsunemori for having broken into her apartment and carving words like WC?-What color? in her room. While there is a temptation to guess at more its hard to do when as mentioned before Kamui is such an enigma.

Episode 4-In the opening scene of Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #4 we are given another glimpse of Kamui is a short one but still he only comes off as almost innocent despite his more deadly intentions. At this point he gives off a dream-like quality. Kamui is no Makishima. While Makishima was deadly he was more serious and showed he had a grasp of the gravity his violence could inflict.

This was certainly a key moment together with Psycho-Pass Episode #3 which sets Psycho-Pass apart from other anime. Kind of how you see some of that in Season 1. The disturbing violence through animation. And this being Psycho-Pass with such striking animation the more violent moments can be jarring. Still one can appreciate the criminal, science fiction anime, for being a serious and mature anime series. One of the few actually.

Episode 5-Bringing in Saiga again is great since he has more of an analytical outlook which is handy so he can help Tsunemori. Since they both think similarly rather than having Shimotsuki’s rather useless help.

Psycho-Pass Episode #5-drones center

It also does not help Shimotsuki has much less experience in criminal cases.

Episode 6-While in most episodes since the start of Psycho-Pass 2 really gave no indication of who Kamui is and what motivates him. Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #6 did show us his goal. Capturing the cool Dominators. Even here there is only so much information. Besides which Togane might have some bad intentions in store for Tsunemori. Wanting to color her black. In Psycho-Pass MWPSB terms this is the worst when you are labeled a dangerous out of control criminal.

Still what was most shocking was the revelation of Tsunemori’s true color hue on her mental state or well-being turning out to be RED. I think that is pretty cool but one should think what all the colors mean. Something tells me red is of some particular importance. Still in Psycho-Pass they have never discussed in detail the breakdown of the hue Psycho-Pass colors, so all we know is that red is a bit close to white. With black being very close to a person being an out of control criminal.

Psycho-Pass 2 Final Closing Thoughts Episode #2- 6 Review

Still what is the truth of What color? There is more than those two words. Think this might be at the heart of the storyline of Psycho-Pass 2.

Still what is the truth of What color? There is more than those two words. Think this might be at the heart of the storyline of Psycho-Pass 2.

The series since the first look has had a sense of urgency surprisingly well executed. Nothing less from Psycho-Pass! While Season 1 was,of course, excellent. Psycho-Pass 2 is proving that sequels can continue to maintain their power and story and somehow even pickup steam. The characters are still what one could expect but there is also a sense of evolution.

Kamui might yet become another memorable bad guy anime character with a certain look that catches one’s attention much like Makishima. While not so much in appearance but in the way his story is developed as an anime character.

Psycho-Pass is still continuing strong, everyone! With that I keep watching.

Theorizing with Psycho-Pass 2

Examining Kamui, Man and the Questionable Criminal

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #6-Kamui looking on at Tsunemori as he escapes

While at first was tempted to believe Kamui was much like Makishima for three main reasons with him being handsome, a criminal, and very smart. There is after a closer look through the series a sense of disconnect. While those qualities are very Makishima-esque. He is even more bizarre. While Makishima seems to have a strong grasp of reality it does not look like Kamui does. All through Episode #2-6 of Psycho-Pass kept thinking he acts in almost a dreamlike quality and if anything seems more than a little too calm in any situation. I would go so far as to say he might be crueler than Makishima.

Even if he is an antagonist cannot help but like him and his appearance probably thanks to Ryohei Kimura. Why did Ryohei Kimura have to voice Kamui. It makes it harder to hate Kamui as a character.

Kamui will surely be dangerous given how much he has a fascination with Tsunemori. Knowing her name but then again perhaps everyone knows Tsunemori’s name. One wonders.

There are still other holes to be filled within the series but with regard to Kamui wanted to bring up that there seems to be rumours flying about his real identity. That perhaps he is Kogami. Actually there is an interesting thing to that. Ginoza always called him “Kou” or “Ko”. So maybe the first part of Kamui-Ka stands for that. Then gami could have a link to mui. These have some interesting wordings all based on speculation but who knows its fun to think. That said not sure what to expect with who Kamui is. Although not giving it serious thought since Kogami being Kamui would be too shocking thus in my book rendering it implausible. But it is entertaining to think about especially right now with Psycho-Pass 2.

Psycho-Pass 2 (11 episodes)

Psycho-Pass 2 2014 anime series

Get ready for Psycho-Pass, a hardboiled, gun-slinging sci-fi series from the creator of Madoka Magica and the studio that brought you Ghost in the Shell.

In the future, even just thinking about a crime is enough to make you guilty – and justice is dispensed from the barrel of a gun. Detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors make sure their partners don’t cross the fine line between good and evil. The great equalizer in the war against thugs is the Dominator, a futuristic weapon that can read minds and assess the probability that a citizen will turn criminal. There are no trials. Only Enforcers, Inspectors, and the Dominator. Commit a crime in your mind – and the Dominator will make sure you pay the ultimate price. Season 2.FUNIMATION

Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani

Animation Studio: Tatsunoko Production

Genre: Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Action, Drama, Mystery

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: FUNimation Entertainment

Available to Watch: FUNIMATION | Simulcast on Thursdays 12: 50 PM EDT

Psycho-Pass episodes are available on FUNIMATION to Free Subscribers a week after simulcasting for Elite Members. Free and Elite subscriptions available.

Psycho-Pass 2-Opening [OP] Theme song

Enigmatic Feeling by Ling Tosite Sigure

In many ways feel like Enigmatic Feeling is on the same level as Abnormalize. It’s incredible. Ling Tosite Sigure is incredible.

Psycho-Pass 2-Ending [ED] Theme song

Ending Credits Version-Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #1

Fallen by Egoist

Not bad but songs by Egoist while very, very pretty do not stick in my memory for long like the music of Ling Tosite Sigure does.

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  1. At this point Kamui is reminding me a bit of Art from Hamatora (second season in particular). I guess this isn’t too surprising since both series have the same script writer. Both of them are constantly entering these small “skirmishes” or brushes with the protagonists, never full on engaging each other, but just enough to move the story along.

    Both Kamui and Art seem to have their own loyal following who blindly worship them as a savior. We also aren’t fully aware of their motives, aside from the general kill Nice, or overthrow Sibyl.

    I have to say though, the writer’s ability to keep me drawn to the series, and anticipate the next episode is amazing. For both of them, they kept dropping little hints, or revealing a little bit more each episode, but never enough to satisfy me!


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