Flowering by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure [Limited Edition CD+DVD] Review

While I had already found Unravel and then TK’s second album release, Fantastic Magic, more than amazing. I was more than a little curious to see if TK had it in him to actually consistently release impeccable music. Also never really checked out his first album release, Flowering. So this was the perfect way to do so.

Being a newer fan all I can really tell with Flowering is that it seems that if you want to see TK experimenting with music and also more of his music from when he debuted his independent music. Flowering is the way to go.

Flowering has quite the complex sounding songs such as Abnormal Trick and White Silence. Two of my personal favorites. But then again you still have some songs like Haze and Flower that suggest Pop tones. But even if you’re getting used to these two styles of music from TK he goes back to more Rock. So to be safe just label Flowering as a primarily experimental album release. A release that still sounds glorious to the ears, no less. TK uses his soothing and angelic singing voice in Flowering too.

The music videos included with this Limited Edition release are very worthwhile. You are getting a deeper look into TK’s music craft while he performs songs from his Flowering release.

The CD album release is impeccable. The only downside is that realized that the Limited Edition is basically a slip-on case and inside comes the look of the regular edition album release of Flowering, well, except with the extra capability to carry 2 discs-CD+DVD. Quite an issue since the whole reason bought the Fantastic Magic Regular Edition CD release was since favored the cover artwork for the Regular Edition more but getting the Limited Edition will still amount to the same thing as well as providing you with the DVD that comes with Fantastic Magic’s music videos. So if you are going to get any of these releases either Fantastic Magic or Flowering just go both times with the Limited Edition.

My Personal Favorite Tracks from Flowering

1) Haze

2) Abnormal Trick

3) Flower

4) Phase to Phrase

5) White Silence

There are other songs but if you want a good starting point to sample then these songs could not possibly disappoint if you like TK’s singing and music.

Flowering by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure [Limited Edition] CD+DVD

-Very sophisticated CD packaging design. It comes with a slip on case used for the Limited Edition and underneath it has the Regular Edition CD and cover. Difference is it contains two discs one being the CD and the other the DVD.

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TK-Toru Kitajima Music Artist Biography

Toru Kitajima

TK’s Official Website: http://tkofficial.jp/

Find out More: Last.fm

Composer/Songwriter | Singer | Guitarist

From Ling Tosite Sigure to TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. A band who is remarked as possessing post-hardcore and progressive rock connections. TK’s real name is Toru Kitajima. He writes the lyrics and music to all of Ling Tosite Sigure‘s songs as well as for his solo work. When performing music in the band he provides lead vocals and plays the guitar. He also helps with sound engineering, mixing and mastering. In 2012, under the name TK from Ling tosite sigure, he released the solo album “Flowering”. “Fantastic Magic” is his second album.

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Edited on April 11, 2016 for better clarification since music is, in fact, so hard to review due to it being hard to conceptualize into words.