Amnesia (2014) DVD Complete Collection Review

Well in early 2013 it had been a while since anime really grabbed my interest. After Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini in 2009 I really felt sad about how confusing it concluded. Well, at least, for me. I had felt for a while I had seen a vast majority of anime and I could not be further impressed or surprised. Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini ended right around the beginning of 2010, so I took a break from anime after this. Really needed the break after no news was forthcoming for a Season 3 to Darker Than Black.

City-Amnesia anime series Episode #1

I also felt after so many years since 1999 that I had seen so many anime. Until Amnesia came along which if you must know was an early 2013 anime offering. Then I was blown away by the power of anime. Yet again.

The first thought that came into my mind was not only had animation improved since the 3 year drought gap I had been stagnating in but also finally some anime existed where there was a main female protagonist of an anime series at the center of her own romance harem. Being a big feminist this was incredibly empowering especially to see from an anime series. Finally anime being made with female anime fans in mind.

Orion explaining the Heroine's memory loss-Amnesia anime series Episode #1

Needless to say, Amnesia was the anime that made me return to anime and is the anime series that set me on the path to start up this blog. So if you read a lot of those Tokyo Ghoul centered anime posts on the blog or The Irregular at Magic High School posts, then you have Amnesia to thank. Amnesia really made me re-evaluate that anime is always evolving and actually since 2013-onwards new changes and themes in anime have now been tackled even controversial ones.

Another thing noticed is the talented voice actors. By this time, I had grown out of my seeing anime only in English Dubbed phase. So when I watched Amnesia I was even more shocked to notice how wonderful all the voice actors sounded for the Amnesia cast. Many cheers for Kaori Nazuka!

 Kaori Nazuka Image Credit: MyAnimeList

Amnesia is an anime series that began after about a 3 year absence from anime. So in a way, it was the anime that pulled me back to anime. If not I wonder if I would have ever returned to anime and discovered Love Stage!!, Attack on Titan, Gatchaman Crowds, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Psycho-PassFree! Eternal Summer, Guilty Crown, Karneval, Date A Live, K, Maoyu, Dog & Scissors, Cuticle Detective Inaba, Haikyu!!, Hakkenden, Chaika The Coffin Princess, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. I do not want to even imagine if had not discovered Amnesia on Youtube posted by someone. In that scenario I would have then never gotten to see all these amazing anime series. I would rather not think of it at all.

Amnesia was a nice calming comfort after my sadness of Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini ending. The feeling from watching Amnesia really gives off a real sense of gravitas or atmosphere. It becomes very obviously fueled by the music they use which consists of bell chimes and piano that plays in key important moments in Amnesia. This is good since a touch of a dream-like state is perfect given this anime series is about the main female character only known as Heroine feeling lost and dream-like in the world.

It is also nice to point out that having such a character being labeled Heroine is not a real drawback since not only is it a difference from the norm but also enforces that details of who the Heroine as being part of the unknown.

The Heroine sadly keeps meeting people and coming into situations that deviate from another. All of this is entertaining to see especially when a cafe manager she works for can have a different personality out of nowhere. In one the manager of the cafe, Waka, is wise and stricter and in another easily angry at the smallest happenings.

She slowly comes to realize the reason for these changes are Parallel Worlds since she is drifting into worlds much like her own but a little different which includes the people around her and their personalities would, of course, change.

Even though the anime series is very cute and has many attractive bishonen anime guys. This journey is about the Heroine and how she handles situations.

Amnesia has a nice closure to its ending unlike so many anime have seen within my lifetime. It gives us a good possibility to decide for ourselves which option likely makes more sense for the Heroine to choose. Making us work to mentally piece together in what world she might truly belong to. Amnesia is devised excellently as both a reverse harem anime series and science fiction anime work.

Amnesia Anime Details


Animation Studio Brain’s Base was the one who animated Amnesia. Before seeing Amnesia had never seen any anime from them but I really think they did good work for the anime. It was one of those anime with animation that leaves you breathless.

Voice acting

For the Japanese voice cast. All the voice actors actually did an excellent voicing to their characters. Heroine’s voice by Kaori Nazuka is both kind and delicate-like. Think it fits to the overall look of the character of the Heroine.

Next. Ikki stands out from Kisho Taniyama lending his voice. Making Ikki as an anime character notably sexy but charming in the anime series. Akira Shida’s voicing of Kento is also worthy of being closely listened to with his stoic sounding antics. His and Satoshi Hino’s Toma. Completely though the cast of Amnesia is very talented making Amnesia quite charming.

English Voice cast seems to sound relative well-rounded compared to the original cast. Maggie Flecknoe, Houston Hayes, and Christopher Ayres make a good impression from the debut of Amnesia in Episode #1 of the series for the English Dubbed version.


Given that this is a reverse harem anime series compared to the anime have seen which includes Diabolik Lovers and Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie, it actually is the most normal length anime series. Meaning you are not getting any 5 minute short episodes but regular episodes in time length you would see in other anime with opening and ending theme songs included.

Story centers around the main female character only known as the Heroine. The Heroine wakes up on august 1st, with no memories of who she is or where she’s been. A mysterious boy named “Orion” appears before her, calling himself a “Spirit.” With his help, she starts to put back together the pieces of her life and keep the people around her from finding out that she’s lost her memories.


Based in real word setting but with parallel worlds. A very fascinating concept. To learn more about it consider reading: Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku

DVD Release Details

Sentai Filmworks-Dubbed, Subbed anime series

Amnesia is spread out over 3 discs for its total of 12 episodes. Which run around 25 minutes about.

  • Lost Diary Entries: Diary entries being read by Heroine particularly Maggie Flecknoe the voice actress of the Heroine for the English version of the Amnesia anime series.

The only thing it is only in English voice and not Japanese voice with Subtitles.

  • Sentai Trailers: Promotional trailers for other anime licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks

If you consider getting Amnesia on DVD. Support the people who brought you this anime here in North America when you go buy your copies! Links down below. Prices available for convenience. Amnesia is also available in Blu-ray.

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