GEN Manga: One is Enough by LOVE Manga Review

One is Enough by LOVE manga

GEN Manga is Indie Manga from the Tokyo Underground. GEN Manga was made to give fans an exclusive look at real doujinshi, otherwise known as indie manga, that they had heard about, but until now, unable to get their hands on. In its essence, doujinshi is manga traded among other manga artists. Manga for manga lovers!

With my ever growing dissatisfaction with most manga in general comes One is Enough a manga deeply enjoyed! Who would have thought. So with that, review time, for One is Enough!

The publisher of this work may perhaps be a manga publisher many have not hear much about but a publisher that carries some manga stock different from anything VIZ Media, Yen Press, Kodansha USA, or even Seven Seas Entertainment stocks. GEN Manga is that North American manga company.

While at first wasn’t aware that a lot of the manga they stocked was something known as doujinshi. For the most part, GEN Manga’s manga, does seem to represent a look into a place apart from the other manga in North America. It is the indie scene of manga! Which I think might be something would like to experiment and if like enough pursue fully in future manga purchases. So far, it also appears like many of the manga series are pretty short and at most one manga series only runs up to 1 volume (One is Enough by LOVE) or at most a maximum of 6 volumes (Eden by Bash).

One is Enough manga paperback

One is Enough manga in person looks like a nice bound paperback. Love the design of the release by GEN Manga.

This is all pretty good since usually as a busy fan of both anime and manga while I am always interested in a unique story but can’t help thinking manga series that run over 12 volumes are really pushing it. I mean it cannot really take that long to reach at least a reasonable or passable conclusion to a series. Even then manga artists and authors should be worrying over how to best close it, so a reader is content with the conclusion rather than adding extra characters or unnecessary story arcs. It’s great to enjoy a manga but at what point is something going overboard.

GEN Manga seems like the best fit for me considering my picky tastes when it comes to manga. As luck will have it recently with my tastes in Boys Love manga. They have such a title. One is Enough by LOVE which by all accounts satisfied my need for some major Boys Love manga. Granted for the most part when it gets to the seriously hardcore stuff it only ever went so far but it didn’t need to considering the storytelling itself was the centerpiece.

The story centers around a guy who is still attending school who has an infatuation for an older guy. While he can’t help how he feels he actually does confess and while the relationship gets somewhere at least physically there are still a few problems with the relationship. The guy who he is in love with has a girlfriend himself and find his attention merely troublesome. Issues of gender identity and sexual orientation pop up in One is Enough which found very creatively rendered since themes of gender identity do seem to crop up in society every once in a while and to use and develop a story like that through Boys Love was pretty genius!

One is Enough is definitely what North America needs more of in Boys Love manga. It gives a cute story and the artwork borders on very creative. It does tend to change styles at time especially when it comes to the expressions of the characters but it is obvious that this is what the artist and author is going for. So for that One is Enough cannot really be faulted. It satisfied my need first and foremost for beautiful expressive artwork (dramatic facial expressions were quite delicate and appealing), then story development that flows nicely, and finally thought-provoking themes. For a first foray into GEN Manga not bad at all. Next up might be interested in Stones of Power by Izora Azumi.

A top recommendation for anyone who can handle all the context that comes with One is Enough. Take account of the Boys Love genre and controversial topics.

Genre: Boys Love (BL)


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