Winter 2015 Anime Preview|Blogging Break!

Trinity Seven Christmas Theme

Lieselotte Sherlock from Trinity Seven approved! Just kidding. Image Source: Haruhichan Network

Haikyu!! 2-Sequel Anime Visual Goes Live

Haikyu!! Christmas Special

Have a good Trinity Seven or Haikyu!! Christmas or Holiday!

Taking a break from anime this time around for Winter 2015! I am still going to be watching via Crunchyroll or FUNIMATION but there just wont be any blogging on newer anime. Still these are the anime series most excited for this Winter 2014 Anime Season. Which as noted is pretty small.

These are the animation television series hold highest excitement over yet still wont be blogging. An anime season blogging break is due for me, after all. Though that doesn’t mean I wont be blogging here and there in small bursts on what interests me in either anime or manga.

Winter 2015 Anime Chart: Anime Planet

Winter 2015 Anime Season-The List

#1 Tokyo Ghoul A

Tokyo Ghoul A 2015 anime series

Tokyo Ghoul A Image Credit: Otaku Tale

Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot

Director: Shuhei Morita

Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul. The Haruhichan Network states “The upcoming second season will be based on a new original story written by Ishida, rather than adapting the remainder of his original manga.”

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Action

Premiere Date: January 8| 2015

I am excited for the second phase! It is interesting to see that the Tokyo Ghoul anime sequel will not cover the rest of Sui Ichida’s manga. Instead it will be a whole new original storyline overseen by Sui Ichida. Though it does not have me down since I tend really love anime originals like Psycho-Pass and Darker Than Black. Yay!

#2 Kamisama Kiss 2

Kamisama Kiss 2 2015 anime series

Kamisama Kiss 2 Image Credit: Hummingbird

Animation Studio: TMS Entertainment

Director: Akitaro Daichi  | Character Designs: Junko Yamanaka

Season 2 of Kamisama Kiss.

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Reverse Harem

Premiere Date: January 5| 2015

The first season of Kamisama Kiss was actually pretty cute! While the animation is certainly one of those animation styles that you don’t exactly see all the time. Character designs are very graceful-looking, so not really surprised why Kamisama Kiss 2 is on my list that hold most excitement over.

#3 Death Parade

Death Parade 2015 anime series

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Genre: Psychological

Premiere Date: January 8| 2015

“Welcome to Queen Dekim.” What greets two unsuspecting guests is a strange bar, Queen Dekim, and the white-haired bartender, Dekim. “From here you two shall begin a battle where your lives hang in the balance,” he says to introduce the Death Game. Before long the guests’ true natures become apparent. As a matter of course, at the game’s end Dekim is revealed to be the “arbiter.” Dekim’s judgement on the two guests is…

Death Parade is the only anime this season that is making me rethink my episodic anime reviewing retirement for Winter 2015.

It makes me want to continue aniblogging despite me knowing I must restrain myself. The key visuals released suggest crazy beautiful animation but the story sounds rather dark and perhaps even mature. Two things always appreciate when it comes to anime.

Merry Chritmas Dance in the Vampire Bund-Nozomu Tamaki

Dance in the Vampire Bund Image Credit: Haruhichan Network and Nozomu Tamaki