Two Years in Aniblogging-What is in Store for Year 2015

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While 2013 was a year highly concentrated only on doing anime impressions, full length anime series reviews, and anime sale highlights. Since 2013 I have been saying I will get to doing manga reviews more and that proved to be pretty fruitless considering never really got to it.

This year, 2014, saw me further develop my skills as an aniblogger by making reviews and editorials more interactive by working to apply images that worked to accentuate the written content I wrote. I seem to be pretty pleased with the results on pretty much all my content have on the blog.

Though I still want to aim to make this content better by doing what I promised to begin with which is blogging about manga. I want to do more manga reviews and a few other related features.

With the new year just around the corner I am sure some of you who read the blog have likely come across some of my blogging efforts related to manga already such as: One is Enough by LOVE manga review, Devils and Realist Volume 1 manga review, and Devils and Realist Volume 2 manga review. Well, good this just shows I am already working to further make this blog more balanced.

Now one final thing. This year through watching and blogging about anime I came across one particular music artist whose music I absolutely love. I would say I have spent quite a lot of money actually in trying to procure his Limited Edition CD releases since that is just how much his music means to me. And that music artist is TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. Many of you anime fans may know his music from the Tokyo Ghoul Opening Theme Song, Unravel. And while that is true he has many more songs that are just as splendid with his unique silky singing voice. So due to this, I actually also plan to highlight music artists or bands that contribute opening or ending theme songs to anime. So far have written over TK from Ling Tosite Sigure and Fear, and Loathing and Las Vegas. Two big musical surprises of 2014 for me.

So yeah. With year 2015 I plan to continue to do seasonal reviews, full length anime series reviews, anime sale highlights, more manga reviews, and now even highlight music artists or bands come across from anime. All these things for 2015. I am pretty excited and no matter what I will be continuing to blog since I actually enjoy it ever since got into blogging in 2009. Hopefully, dear readers, I can see you there with me in 2015.


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