FUNimation Entertainment plans Noragami Home Video Release for Summer 2015!

Noragami 2014 anime series

Yep. It has happened that moment when an aniblogger like myself discovers the anime they have been rooting for nearly close to a year gets reported as getting a pretty fast home video release here in North America. This is a moment to be cherished and knowing that loving a particular anime has truly payed off.

Noragami was a 12 episode anime series that aired in early 2014 as a Winter 2014 Anime Season offering and pretty surprisingly it is getting a home video release now in the Summer. From Winter 2014 to Summer 2015 seems like a pretty short timespan and I am pretty happy that whatever the reason may be it seems North American anime releases are coming out quicker. Which is good since as what happens unfortunately with anime. New stuff or even old stuff is always there and could easily draw away an anime fan’s attention from what we might have believed at a certain moment was the best anime. I guess anime fans can be fickle! I mean really blame the glossy anime not the fans.

Music by: Taku Iwasaki

FUNimation Entertainment’s Official Blog gives no details of when the exact release date will be or any release versions such as Standard or Limited Editions. The usual suspects of cover art are also absent. Details like that are likely to be released as Summer 2015 draws closer.

Nora from Noragami


3 thoughts on “FUNimation Entertainment plans Noragami Home Video Release for Summer 2015!

    • I am guessing you mean Rabo. I have heard the manga series from which this is based off supposedly did not have Rabo. Maybe that is what threw you off.

      I don’t know I kind of liked his character but mileage may vary. To be truthful I liked the main antagonist who was the little girl, Nora, more.


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